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Crocheting a Sunflower Potholder

I made the potholder from the Sunflower Set in Towel Toppers and Potholders!  Is it okay to say "This isn't your grandma's potholder"?  I know I said I didn't like the phrase before, but this really isn't my grandma's potholder--it's my husband's.

His birthday is today, and he's the main kitchen person in our family.  Which means he's the one who's done some serious damage to our current potholders.  But he's also a guy who appreciates handmade things, and while I was working on this he was quick to exclaim "That's really beautiful!"  He's a nice man.

And this is a nice pattern.  I'm not quite sure what happened with the petals on the sunflower, but I think some real-life wear and tear will actually help this.  And I left off the leaves on the sunflower because, um, I just did.  I didn't want a lot of green, and the flower motif might have gotten bigger than the potholder if I had include the leaves!

Other modifications: I used cotton yarn instead of acrylic because it's stiffer and can't melt.  And I skipped placing insulation in between the two pieces because I didn't have any and because this should be plenty thick, especially with the sunflower over the center.

These popcorn stitches in the center are serious business.

 The potholder is 8" in diameter and feels incredibly sturdy.

Even though I originally decided to try out this pattern because of the sunflower, I'm now in love with the edging.  The yellow row is single crochets and double crochet stitches in the stitch below (I'm doing variations of this stitch a lot lately!), and the outermost row is picot stitches.

This is a super great potholder and I really had fun making it.  I had originally thought that I didn't need to make a towel topper, but I'm really reconsidering that.  Which means I've already completely changed my mind and really want to make a towel topper to complete the set. 

How could I not?
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