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Definitely Your Grandma's Potholder

I'm crocheting a potholder!  When I first saw the cover of Towel Toppers and Potholders, I immediately thought, "That is a really grandma-looking craft."  Obviously, that would mean I would have to try out some of these patterns.


I feel kind of sad whenever someone declares, "This ain't your grandma's knitting book/crochet pattern/canning recipe/orthopedic shoe/brand of cigarettes!"  Because firstly, no one should say "ain't" ever.  I understand that most peoeple are just doing it for added emphasis, but it sounds terrible.  And secondly, grandmas are great.  Why wouldn't you want to emulate them?

Maybe I've just been very lucky to have some amazing grandma figures in my life, but I think grandma style is pretty timeless.  Acrylic afghans, bird-watching through the window, homey kitchen decor, super secret strategies for betting on horses--these are just a few of the great things I think of when I think about my grandmas.  It's been awesome so far to see my mom and my mother-in-law magically transform into all-knowing masters of gardening and puzzle-building around my daughter.  I can't wait to see what else she'll associate with grandmas when she's older.  Because I know for me, towel topper = grandma. 

And I love it. 


I have a couple from my Mamaw, and I was so excited when I rediscovered them in the back of a drawer last week and realized my daughter was no longer a crawling infant who pulled up on everything.  So back onto the oven-handle my dishtowel with herbs went!  It's a pretty simple design, with a neat little wooden fob to button the strap.  I wanted to make one myself as soon as I put it up.

But we have plenty of towels.  So I'm going to hold off on making a towel topper with a flower on it (I'm clutching my heart and nearly swooning a little thinking about how great this is) until a loved one needs a housewarming gift.  I hope they love grandma style!

So for now, I'm working on the Sunflower potholder.  My husband has set a few potholders on fire in the past year, and a nice sunflowery potholder would look so adorable hanging up on our kitchen wall.  He's the main cook in our family, but since we've been married 7 years and he still doesn't know our toaster cover has a cat on it, I think I can get away with having him use a sunflower potholder.


Anyway, I'm having a lot of fun making this.  The sunflower pattern is one of the simpler designs in the book, which is why I wanted to start out with it.  You just crochet two circles and then make the sunflower separately to stitch on later.  I also don't have insulation to place between my two circles just yet, either.  But hey, this work is still in progress and I was too excited to get any farther along in it before I told you about it. 

The main part of the body is worked in single crochet stitches, so the crocheted fabric is really dense.  I think this will be really excellent at protecting hands from hot surfaces.  I decided to use cotton yarn because I have a ton of it, and also because I've melted a few handmade potholders made with acrylic yarn.  Frozen pizzas cook at a pretty high temperature and I wanted any potholder I made to be able to withstand the heat. 
I have a good feeling that this potholder is going to be very cute and very practical.  Just like a grandma.

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