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My First Doily!

Rejoice with me, friends, for today is a proud day.  I have crocheted a doily! 

Yes, it's blogger's first doily!  Like baby's first steps or solids, but weirder because an adult probably shouldn't get quite so proud of making medium levels of progress in a skill set.  But whatever!  This is the Little Doily pattern from the Complete Guide to Symbol Crochet.  Yes!  Symbols AND doilies!  I am invincible! 

Is this how people feel after running a marathon?  Is it super arrogant and wayyyy off-base to try to compare crocheting a doily while watching TV to something that people train for for several months and then finally accomplish in an entire day (typically a day with terrible weather)?  Maybe?

Here's half a doily.  Is that more like running a half-marathon? A 5K? I'll stop now.

I don't know.  I don't really believe in running.  And I don't really believe in doilies that much, either.  But this pattern was on the cover of the Complete Guide to Symbol Crochet, and I thought something so small would be a really great attempt at doily-making.  I don't know why I would need to know how to make doilies, but I don't like saying that I've never made them.  And people have commented on a few posts in the last few months about how fun and easy doilies are to make.  I want to know what other hobbies these people are into.  What is their favorite color?  If they could be a bird, what would it be?  Do they believe in splitting orders at restaurants?  I'm genuinely curious about these doily people.  I want to know what else they like if they get excited about doilies. 

I have two grandmothers who know how to make doilies, and I've seen their handiworks in the past.  In fact, I have a really nice doily that's mostly filet crocheting with my married name on it that one grandmother gave me as a wedding present AND a beautiful small tablecloth crocheted in doily yarn that the other grandmother gave me as a wedding present.  Now that I've worked with thread and a small hook for one whole evening, both of these items make me want to weep and forever display them in a place of honor in my home.  Or keep them safely tucked away from dust and sunlight in their layers of tissue in boxes on closet shelves.  One of those things.  But I don't know how much they enjoy making doilies and working in thread crochet.  Which is weird.

Thread crochet is beautiful and intricate and interesting.  Or fussy and complicated and not worth the trouble.  I guess it depends on how you feel about the finished product.  I think it's fun how you can get a whole lot of project(s) out of one skein, and your project itself will probably be small and manageable.  And if you like your projects to grow evermore crazy and detailed and impressive, this could be a project you enjoy.  I'm much more of a "work these two rows until the project is the size you like" kind of a crafter, but I think this simple pattern was a nice way for me to try something new. 

Also?  Symbol crochet is a SPECTACULAR way to read a doily pattern. 

 Because I tried following along with the written instructions and looking at the picture was so much clearer.  Also, a reader recommended coloring your rows when reading symbol crochet patterns (in the comments on this post), and I think that would the perfect way to follow more detailed patterns.  The Complete Guide to Symbol Crochet has more detailed patterns--including a doily with pineaples!  I don't know why but those pineapple motifs always seem quintessentially doily-ish to me--if you're really interested in trying out something new on top of trying out reading something in a new way.

 I don't know if I'll take it that far, but I'm very glad that I'll have this guide around in case I do.  In the meantime, I'm going to try to find a place in my home to display my little doily.  I don't think I have to be too careful with this, but I am a little bit proud of it.

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