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Simply Lovely Simple Wristwarmers


I know it's March now, and we're supposed to be wearing spring-like clothes and doing spring-like activities BUT IT IS TOO COLD FOR THAT NONSENSE!  At least right now.  Maybe things will be different by the end of the week.  But for now, it's cold.  That's why these hand warmers from Learn to Knit Now! seemed like the perfect weekend project.

The Wrist Warmers pattern from Learn to Knit Now! calls for bulky weight yarn and Size 10 1/2 needles.  I used Bernat Softeez in some light gray (a little lighter than it looks in the pictures) and Size 9 needles.  The gauges was 14 stitches in pattern = 4", and my gauge was a little tighter than that.  These are a gift for a friend, and her hands are slightly smaller than your average adult.  I tried them on myself, and they felt just about right. 

And I love these!

I used to love knitting handwarmers, and then I stopped.  And then I got back into it.  I've made 2 pairs in as many months!  Both times, the patterns called for bulky weight yarn and I think that's another reason why I tried them both.  The last pair I made was the Quick & Easy Handwarmer pattern from I Can't Believe I'm Knitting Mittens.  I guess I frequently get in the mood to knit quick bulky weight projects that super simple.

There are some knitters who don't mess with simpler beginner patterns once they learn new skills.

I don't trust those people.

I'm all for pushing yourself and making new and exciting things, but what's not to love about some simple hand-warming accessories!  These handwarmers/wristwarmers/fingerless mitts/whatevers are knit flat in a simple K2P2 ribbing and then stitched together.  I picked this pattern because I'd seen it in Learn to Knit Now! when I was flipping through it a month or so ago and it stuck in my mind.  I thought this was a pretty pattern that would be really comfy.

No crazy thumb gusset business this time!

Sometimes, I'm not only in the mood to make something simple--I want to see something simple.  I think these look lovely.  I thought about stitching some buttons on the sides and even decided against doing even that much.  These are simple and clean-looking.

This was a super relaxing knit for me.  And I do think it's perfect for a newer knitter.  It's the same two stitches over and over, and you could feel like an expert on them before you even finish the first warmer!  Plus, I maybe wore these a little longer than I implied in one of those earlier paragraphs up there.   Trust me when I say that these are super warm.  Super warm and super squishy--it's a winning combination for a handknit handwarmer!

We still have a lot of cold days ahead of us and I think my friend is going to enjoy these.   I'm hoping fairer weather reaches us soon, but you could probably make a pair--or two! Or more!--before it does.

Stay warm!

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