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Weekly Dishcloth: Crocheting the Blue Border Dishcloth

I crocheted the Blue Border Dishcloth pattern from the Dishcloths

That's it.  That's the whole post!  Bye!

Just kidding.  I'm sure I can say more, and I bet I can even find something nice to say!


The Blue Border Dishcloth is part of the Red and White Trio.  I have not had the best luck with the Red and White Trio.  First there was the Red and White Stripe Dishcloth.  I followed that pattern to the very letter and still wound up beginning the post about it with the disclaimer, "I'm not really sure what happened with this one."  And there was the Red Border Dishcloth, which technically turned out fine but you can tell something went pretty wrong with the number of stitches in the center portion.  Click the link if you want to check it out because I'd rather not put that photo in another post and showcase my shame like that.

Especially when I already have to showcase this shame like this.

I'm not entirely sure what happened with the gauge, but I'm fine with this being smaller than the pattern called for.  I'd rather have a small dishcloth than one with loosey-goosey gauge that's not fit for scrubbing things clean.  I think I may have made a mistake in the number of chains I made in between stitches on the rows above the yellow shells.  My one legitimate complaint with the pattern is that there's no note on how many of these shells you should have when you work this row.  I think I had the wrong number of them on my first row, which led to a stitch count that was way off on the next row.  The result is a lumpy-looking dishcloth, which really bums me out because the colors I picked out were so cute!  I had Sugar n' Cream in Ecru, Bernat Handicrafter's Harvest Home Collection in Maize, and some Sugar n' Cream Denim.

Lest this post seem like a less-than-ringing endorsement of Dishcloth, let assure you that it's not.  However, it is an absolute condemnation of the Red and White Trio  Just skip right over that collection of patterns if you have Dishcloths.

Stick with the Basic Dishcloth in Bright Colors

Or the Granny Border!


 Striped Hexagon




Off-Center Granny Square


Diagonal Stripe!

Or, one of my very favorite ever, the Swirl!


Ta da! I have crocheted every pattern in Dishcloths with the exception of the Flower pattern.  I tried it once and lost track of my stitches and messed up.  But I think I'll try it again just so I can say that I've made every pattern in this book!  That's awesome!   I'm going to feel such a sense of accomplishment!  I hope it works out better than this week's dishcloth did.  I'm sure it will.  The pattern is called Flower, and it's nearly springtime.  I'm optimistic.

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