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Weekly Dishcloth: It's Actually a Dish TOWEL

I crocheted the Sunshine Dishcloth pattern from Dishcloths by the Dozen, and it turned out a bit larger than expected. 

How much larger?

Much, much larger. 

The pattern says gauge is 8 stitches = 2 inches.  I didn't work a gauge swatch because I knew that if a pattern was telling me to work with worsted weight cotton yarn and an E hook (like this one does) that I was just going to make some big ol' creation and see how it turned out.

So I went wild and broke out an I hook, crocheted my prescribed number of chain stitches, and realized this monster was going to be 16" wide.  Dish towel time!

I worked in the pattern, which is a four-row repeat, until this was about a foot tall and then I felt like my dish towel was done.  Then I worked the border row and ta da!  A dish towel!

I had checked the project pages for this project on Ravelry, and several other crocheters had remarked on how big this pattern turned out for them.  So I knew it wasn't just me, but honestly I think I would be happy with this as a dish towel even if I had been the reason this turned out like it did.  Because I LOVE this stitch pattern, and I liked my colors.

I used Bernat Handicrafter's Harvest Home Collection in Maize, and some Sugar n' Cream Denim.  This would make a lovely dishcloth if you just chained half the number of stitches called for, and I think this would have been the level of 'right' density if I had used an H hook.

Whatever.  Working with cotton yarn every week can wear on my joints and I just wanted a nice, mindless project to take to my Saturday night knitting group.  This was perfect because I didn't feel like I was wrestling with my yarn and the stitch pattern was pretty easy to memorize.  Also--and I almost always forget this--crocheted cotton tends to bunch up a little once it's been washed and dried.  And this is just for my kitchen, so I don't think there's going to be a day when I berate myself for not crocheting a better dish towel when I mop up some type of toddler spill because
1) there will never be a dish towel good enough to fully take care of a spill created by a toddler and
2) this is my very first crocheted dish towel!

I'm pretty pleased with my crocheted dish towel, even though I'm sure I try to make next week's project a more dishcloth-y size. 

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