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Weekly Dishcloth: Knitting A St. Patrick's Day Dishcloth!

St. Patrick's Day will be here before you know it, and I wanted to be prepared.  And by "be prepared" I mean "knit a dishcloth."  Is there even a holiday out there that doesn't have a corresponding commemorative dishcloth?, you may ask. According to Holiday Knit Dishcloths, no.

For everything there is a season and a dishcloth, and St. Patrick's Day is no different.  I love that this pattern has letters on it.

I think if I had knit this at a slightly tighter gauge--fine, the gauge at which this was meant to be knit--the letters would look better.  But I was knitting at a good enough gauge with #6 needles, and knitting cotton yarn with #5 needles feels like I'm pulling my fingers out of their joints.  I'll go through some discomfort like that for Christmas, or maybe Easter, but St. Patrick's Day is a holiday this American Protestant recognizes only because I think I look good in green and don't like being pinched.  I think the knitted fabric will tighten up a bit after a trip through the washer and dryer, so that may take care of everything.

Still, this is a really cute pattern and it would be a great gift for someone who does get excited about St. Patrick's Day.  Or maybe if you wanted to wish a newlywed couple luck.  Or if you know some hardcore gamblers.  Or maybe don't do that if the gambling is a sensitive subject.

Maybe I'm being insensitive just bringing this up.  Ah man, I'm so sorry!

No more jokes!  Just pictures!

Moving on!  Knit this dishcloth if you feel comfortable doing so!  It's a pretty simple project with just knit and purl stitches!  Both the instructions and the chart are clear and comprehensive!  It's fine!  Everything's FINE!

Anyway, this takes up about an hour or so of time and 70 yards of worsted weight cotton yarn.  The pattern calls for # 7 needles, but my gauge is ridiculous so ignore what I said about # 5 needles.  I'm sure you'll be fine.  I love the four-leaf clover design and I love that I've found 2 projects to make for this year's St. Patrick's Day.

The other project was the Shamrock Hat from Knit Hats for Babies, which I definitely recommend to anyone who still wants to make a quick St. Patrick's Day project.

But if you don't know any babies, then you should definitely try out this dishcloth.  Who wouldn't want to try this?!  It has luck literally knitted into it!

I'm having second thoughts about a lot of things I wrote in this post, but not that joke.  Plus, I think all knitters could use a little luck in our projects now and then and maybe actually knitting the word "luck" into your work could be perfect.  I hope this brings you lots of luck and holiday joy!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Dishcloth: Knitting A St. Patrick's Day Dishcloth!”

  • findpeoplefree

    Hello - Your "shamrock" is incorrect - the shamrock has ONLY three leaves...Will try to adjust....

    • Jen

      Oh my goodness. Next thing I know, you'll be telling me there's no pot of gold at the ends of rainbows!!! Ha! I would be interested to see this with a three-leaf modification, though.... Good luck!

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