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Crocheting a Bunny Hat!

I crocheted the Bunny Hat from Hats & Diaper Covers because I am on an eternal quest to be The World's Best Crafting Aunt.  I'm pretty sure I've got this!

I can understand why you might be looking at this bunny hat and wondering why I even try to compete for this imaginary title when this hat is clearly not white. Or gray.  Or even brown.

I had fanciful notions of more natural yarn color options.  I really did.  But the more I thought of my sweet-faced nephew, with his dark eyebrows and his big ol' cheeks and his wide eyes that are already turning from blue to...something else that hasn't been determined yet, I had a thought.  And then I sent my sister a text and asked "Very Important Question: If [nephew] was a bunny rabbit, would he be white, gray, brown, or tan?  Or would he look like the Blue Bell bunny (like I am picture for some reason)?"

She immediately asked if this was a hat question.

She knows me too well.

We decided that if this three-month-old infant (four months old on Easter Sunday!) was going to be any kind of rabbit, he would apparently be a cartoon one and then I got to work with some Caron Simply Soft that I already had.  I think I was supposed to choose a more pastel blue, because it's Easter time and this is a small baby but 1) I didn't have any worsted weight light blue yarn around and 2) this just seems right.

The patterns in Hats & Diaper Covers are for babies around six months old, so I left a row or two off of the main body of this hat.  Also, I crocheted the two ear pieces for each ear together, rather than seaming them because I dislike seaming.  I used a G hook, which is a size smaller than what I typically need when crocheting worsted weight yarn, but I think those measures will make the hat fit my nephew a little bit better.

Or it means he's already outgrown this because babies can go from practically swimming in their clothes to completely outgrowing them in just a few months in the first year.

But that's fine.  That just means that my favorite little guy is healthy and growing.

It also means I can make a larger version of this next year.

The Bunny Hat and Diaper Cover set is also available as a standalone pattern, but I would recommend buying the whole book.  There are plenty of adorable patterns and every last one of them would look amazing on some small person you love.  You can trust me on this for two reasons:

1. I have made nearly all of them--the Puppy Hat, the Ladybug Hat, and the Giraffe Hat were all quick, easy, and super-cute patterns.

2. I am The World's Best Crafting Aunt.  My word is bond.

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