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Crocheting (Another) Granny Hexagon

Last night, I went home and crocheted Granny Square #95 from 99 Granny Squares to Crochet.

Just because I wanted to.

I also had a cookie before dinner because I wanted that, too.

Even though I'm in the crochetalong group on Ravelry that makes a square or two from this book every month, I never post my projects!  I also don't always crochet the square of the month.  But I like to lurk, and today I saw that one of April's squares was another hexagon!  Crocheting hexagons is new to me, and I love how granny hexagons look.

Making them is pretty much like making a square, but they just look so different!  They look like they take so much more work!  And they're pretty.

So!  #95 it was.  I used some medium weight cotton yarn scraps and my trusty H hook and made this in under 30 minutes. Ta da!

Unlike the last time I made a granny hexagon and maybe got a little carried away, I felt pretty content with #95.  It's not as puffy as #93, and lays a bit flatter.  It's also a little smaller, about 5" measured side to side compared to #93's nearly 6". The pattern only calls for two colors, but you could add more--especially if you wanted more rows.  Once you start the stitch pattern, you're all set! 

I thought about adding a few more rows, but decided to follow the instructions to the very last letter.  At least for my first try.  I've got the whole weekend ahead of me and I'm in a mood to do whatever I want.  We'll just have to see what happens next.

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