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Don't Let Me Down, Thread Crochet!

You know what I need?  More unfinished projects.  I'm not kidding.  That's why it's absolutely and definitely a great idea for me to start trying out the patterns in Thread Bookmarks.

I need new projects to distract me from my unfinished projects that just sit around the house, judging me.  As of this writing, I have at least THREE projects that are thisclose to being finished except for seaming.  That I can recall. There may be more, and I just don't want to think about them because I don't want to even think about seaming, much less actually doing it.  DON'T WANNA, DON'T WANNA, DON'T WANNA!


So.  This time I was at least smart enough to start a project that is worked in one piece.  And I'm getting a little more experience in thread crochet and reading symbol crochet patterns! 

The Crowning Touch pattern calls for lace weight crochet thread that's a Size 10.  I'm not really sure what size yarn I'm using because this was inherited without a label, but it seems tiny enough and is working up nicely with the Size 10 steel hook. 

For the record, Size 10 steel hooks are very, very different from Size 10 knitting needles.  Oh my goodness.

I like this little project.  As long as I have good light, this is actually an okay project to work on while watching TV.  Obviously, I mean "watching TV after my little girl goes to bed."  If I had pets or anything, I would hide them while I worked on this.  This bookmark is mostly made of up simple little stitch repeats, but I'm not about to get wild and crazy and actually pay attention to another living being while I work with these itsy bitsy tools just yet.

I think this will be a present for my Mamaw when it's finished.  She reads a lot, and has crocheted at least 30 snowflakes for my family, and about a dozen angels, with this tiny thread throughout the years.  Someone should definitely crochet something for her, and I'm just delusional enough to think that someone should be me.

 I am also delusional enough to believe that I will someday--like, in this year--finish up the seaming on some of my other WIPs before starting anything else.  But we don't have to talk about that nonsense for at least another week.  Until then, I can happily work three more rows on this lovely, singular little bookmark and only two ends to weave in when this is all over.


2 thoughts on “Don't Let Me Down, Thread Crochet!”

  • Joyce

    I love this book!! Have crocheted all of them. I especially like the shell one. Made one for everyone in my Sunday School Ladies Class around Christmas time. Variegated thread works up especially good in these small projects.

    • Jen

      Really? That's awesome! They're all so pretty, I'm sure those went over really well. I had wondered that about variegated yarn. I'm always so surprised to see it in thread crochet, but it looks beautiful. Thanks!

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