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I Got a Project Bag Full of Sunshine

I'm crocheting the Ripples of Joy afghan from Baby Afghans again and I love this sunshiney little work in progress.

This is looking a little different from the project I made with this pattern last time.

For starters, I'm using one color instead of five, and I don't think I'll be making this nearly as big as I did before.  This is, after all, a baby pattern.  And I am making this for a baby this time around.  I'm using Caron One Pound, so I know one color should take care of the whole blanket.  This is actually my second skein of Caron One Pound for just this year.  I want to tell you that, but I don't want to really think about what that says about me because I'm not quite sure.

Moving on.

I love how this is going and I still love this pattern and I love the yarn and I love that the blanket will look like a sun in a children's book when I'm finished.


I decided to skip the process of working through the back loops.  Here's a post that describes what that means and has a tutorial, and here's a left-handed equivalent.  But basically working in the back loops every other row is what makes the blanket look so ripply.  I don't know how ripply I want my sunshine to look, but I'm not convinced that this is the look that I should be going for.  Like most pattern mods, it seemed like a really great idea before I was actually doing it.  

But now I'm just not sure.  Maybe it's just because it feels odd to follow this pattern while doing nearly everything differently.  Or maybe I would like the look of these ripple rows being worked in the back loops more than I had realized.  

Maybe this is completely fine, though.  The points will become more pronounced as I keep working, and this is going to make a very cheerful and solid baby blanket.  I think I'll work this for a few more rows before I make a decision to rip back or keep going. 

I hope your projects don't make you feel so conflicted.  Happy crafting!
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