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Knitting Bright Baby Mittens!

I knitted the Mitts pattern from Garter Stitch for Baby!

Why?  Because it's garter stitch.  For a baby.

I promise they're the same size in real life.

Garter stitch and baby projects are two of my favorite things and I sat down last night and thought the cute little mittens pattern would be a fun little project.  I love these little mittens!  They kept me up a little late (that's why the lighting in these pictures isn't so great. I have ugly florescent lights), but they're worth it.


The pattern calls for about 60 yards of yarn, so this is a fantastic way to use up scraps.  I thought the crazy variegated yarn would look pretty with the bright blue.  The picture in the book shows a lovely soft white yarn with light green.  Also lovely, especially for a spring-time baby.

I made these for a friend who's due in the fall, and I thought these would be a great way to keep a little person's hands warm while the bright colors would catch his or her eyes.  And I used Red Heart scraps so that these acrylic creations can be washed and dried if they're chewed on, spit up on, or thrown down in an unfortunate setting at an inopportune time.  Babies are good about throwing things on disgusting surfaces.  And then wanting to chew on the thing that has just come into contact with the disgusting surface.  Man, I'm getting so excited just thinking about this adventure my friend is starting.  I should knit her something else out of this book.  Garter stitch is my favorite way to show love and support.

I think it's a good thing.
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