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Knitting the Tempting Texture Cowl Pattern

I made the Tempting Texture cowl from Knit Cowls and it's just so lovely! 

I tend to call it the Waves of Texture pattern in my head because the wiggly lines of purl stitches made me think of waves on the ocean.  This took a couple of months to make, with plenty of breaks in between knitting sessions.  It's not an especially difficult pattern--there were just lots of stitches making up lots and lots of rows. Okay, really it was only 136 stitches.  But it felt like so many more stitches making up so many rows.

Knit rows and purl rows and knit rows with increases and decreases that made up all these lovely waves!

Speaking of waves, I threw in the two rows of gray because I thought I would run out of blue yarn and because I thought it would create an effect of caps on waves.  I'm not quite sure it worked how I wanted, but it's still a very pretty cowl and I don't think the color changes look too out-of-place.

I used Cascade's Alpaca Lana D'Oro, and this pattern used up one skein and probably half of another one in the blue.  That's around 330 yards of worsted weight yarn. And I only used a negligible amount of the gray.  That's pretty great for a cowl so large and squishy!  The yarn is a 50/50 mix of alpaca and wool.  It's warm.  It's soft.  It's super springy.....and stretchy.

This cowl practically bounces when you put it on and arrange it around.  It's almost bulky because of its size, but it drapes up against you really well.  It's not super-scrunched up, but it doesn't quite lay flat either.  It will keep you warm, and it will look beautiful as an accessory.

I gave this to my mother as a gift and she loved it.  It looks nice with just a shirt, but can still be tucked into a coat for practical warmth.  If you're as focused as I am (meaning that you and I are not all that focused sometimes), now would be a great time to cast on this project if you want to wear the cowl this fall.  But!  If you're an actual focused person, you could probably make one of these in time to wear this for the last few chilly days of spring.  Anything's possible.

This post was originally published on July 30, 2013.  I wanted to repost it because I just love this cowl and wanted another chance to show it off and talk about it a bit more.  Happy weekend!

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