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Learn to Knit: Knit 1 In Row Below


Before knitting the Bee Stitch dishcloth pattern from Kitchen Bright Dishcloths, I don't think I'd ever heard of the bee stitch.  But the the dishcloth's pretty patterning is the result of mixing knit stitches with the technique of knitting into the stitch below and I love it. 


Knitting into the stitch below is fairly simple, once I got over the part where I would hold my breath because I felt like I was going to somehow unravel all my knitting when I would move the new loop off the needle.  It just felt a little scary even though I read the explanation of the stitch in the book several times and watched this video at least twice.  Actually, it might have been more.  I might have even done it when I was more than halfway through the project because I suddenly panicked and was convinced I had forgotten how to knit into the stitch below.

Sometimes it's a little scary to learn new things and try them out, over and over in a new pattern!  But doing that new thing over and over is probably the best way to learn it.  Now that I'm familiar with the stitch, I catch myself checking out similar-looking stitches in pictures for patterns and wondering if that's what it is.

Who wouldn't want to see this in more patterns!?
The video tutorial for this stitch was fantastic, and really helped me calm down a bit.  You should see me when I try something new and can't find a video tutorial, or at least a simple line drawing illustration!
Actually, you shouldn't.  No one should see that.  I love it when someone can show me a new knitting technique.  Even when that person is just on a screen.  That might even be my favorite way to learn new stitches because I can replay this as many times as I want and that calm voice and competent hands never get impatient.  It's the best!

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