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Sometimes a Hat is Just a Hat.

I made a hat from Hats & Diaper Covers.  Ta da!

Which hat?  Uh, well, it started out as the Chick pattern but then I started running out of yellow yarn. So I switched to white yarn and hoped that this would look like a chick hatching out of an egg.  Then I realized that the baby I was crocheting for is made up of fatness and warmth and needed more warmth like springtime needs more pollen.

So I just used my remaining yellow yarn and mixed it with the white for some adorable braided strings and called it a day.

Sometimes a hat is just a hat.  I tend to forget that when I'm crocheting because embellishments are so easy to add and little babies looking like yarny animals just tickle me.  But a simple little hat can be cute also.  I like the bright yellow with the white border.  I like the braids.  I just like this hat pattern without eyes or ears or whatever else I typically add on.

So here it is.  A very cute and simple hat that's obvious evidence of my Eastery weekend.  I was going to add this to the gift pile, but my daughter saw this and wanted to wear it (not pictured because she's a constant blur).  Once I tied the braids under her chin, she yelled that she was an egg.

Oh.  Maybe this is a themed hat, after all!

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