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Crocheting a Bath Mitt Because Babies Need Baby Stuff

I crocheted a bath mitt from Baby Stuff.

In addition to having my very favorite title ever, Baby Stuff is a fantastic pattern booklet because there's a variety of projects.  I've made the Kitten Hat (I turned it into a fox hat, but whatever), and I thought the bath mitt would be a fun little project.  I found out it was a fast little project as well, and I think this will make a lovely gift. 

My daughter is well past the 'tiny squirmy baby' stage of life, but this mitt would have been a life saver when she was smaller.  Babies are so....small!  And those little washcloths can be so tiny and flimsy and useless!  A handmade mitt that covers your whole hand and doesn't roll up into a soapy burrito of futility? Perfection! And you know how soft cotton yarn gets after a few trips through the washer and dryer.  This would be perfectly suited for a baby's soft skin.  It would be a great gift if you gave new parents some soap and those silly little hooded towels and this little mitt and a rubber ducky on top of the gift would just be so adorable.


Oh  man.  I think I got a little carried away taking pictures of this when I was thinking about how unbearably precious baby gift sets are when you put things together yourself.  Oh man.  Oh man.  Okay, let's get down to the real business. 

This is crocheted with worsted weight cotton yarn and an H hook.  I may have joined my yarn slightly incorrectly when I started on the thumb, so there was a big gap.


I may have misread the instructions for that, though.  I was in the car (NOT DRIVING, OF COURSE), and I seriously made this whole thing while out running errands with the family and answering toddler questions and pulling things out of the diaper bag and handing them to people. This wouldn't keep you from cleaning up an infant, but it just bothered me.   Still, nothing else was too tricky for me to complete even with all the distractions and I stitched the hole up later. 


So now this mitt is pretty much perfect, and it's the perfect addition to my gift stash.

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