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Crocheting a Patriotic Banner for Summer

It's Memorial Day! Because this day marks the unofficial start of summer, I'm marking the occasion with a banner.  I hope to one day have a banner for every holiday.  I made this patriotic banner with the basic circle pattern from Learn to Crochet Circles into Squares


I originally wanted to make several different granny squares from 99 Granny Squares to Crochet to make an eclectic banner of different granny squares in red, white, and blue yarn.  But they kept turning out awful!  After my third try, I realized that I had no business making granny squares (loves of my life!) if I wasn't enjoying the process. So I didn't photograph them, and moved on to simple little circles.  I planned to crochet circles into squares, but then I obviously didn't. 

The circles looked like they were fine all on their own, and so I thought a string of little medallions would be a great summer craft.  From a shallow, purely aesthetic standpoint, the colors red, white, and blue look so clean and perfect together.  This is replacing the heart garland in the kitchen that I put up for Valentine's Day and then left up because.....well, I'm short and didn't feel like climbing into the sink to take it down.  I didn't have a replacement banner, and I figured love is always in season (barf).  But now it's summer, June 21st be danged.  It's time for something new!  So this is what we have.


This looks simple and unfussy, and I had fun crocheting these little circles.

I worked five single crochets across each circle and five single crochets in between each circle.  There are just ten chains on either end of the banner because the banner is hanging in a small space.  The circles themselves are approximately 4" in diameter, and I like how they look in the kitchen window. 


I think this brightens up our kitchen a little bit more in a summery way.  So festive!  So summery!  So lovely.

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