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Crocheting a Sunshiney Baby Blanket

I finished it!  My Colorful Circles project from Baby Afghans is seamed, blocked, and probably sitting in a gift bag right as you read this.  Hooray!

I decided to stick with the number of squares and strips called for in the pattern for two reasons.  One, I was tired and really wanted to finish this blanket.  It's still a nice size for a small person to play on, or wear while riding in a car seat or stroller.  And two, I nearly ran out of gray yarn!

That's why I crocheted a yellow border.  I think I like it better this way!


I thought this was looking a little lumpy, but that will settle over time. I've made this blanket once before as a baby present for my sister.  It really evened out once she washed it, and then smooshed it every day because it's on the back of her rocking chair in my nephew's nursery.  Aw!!!! It makes me so happy when my gifts are used!

You better believe I checked to see if she'd have this out.  I got pretty excited and emotional that it was displayed so prominently in my little nephew's gray and yellow nursery.

But, since I had the time on this blanket. I went ahead and blocked it.

My carpet is clean enough for this, I promise.  And I'm assuming this will be washed and dried before it ever gets anywhere near an actual baby (and that's assuming it gets used at all).  Still, I wanted this to look nice when it was opened, so I pressed a wet dishcloth against the entire blanket and stretched it out.  The blocking pins held everything in place while I was at work all day, and I came home to a dry and tidier-looking blanket.

I used Red Heart Worsted Weight Solids in Grey Heather and Caron One Pound in Sunflower.  Yes, even projects using acrylic yarn can benefit from blocking.  The difference isn't as profound as when you're knitting 100% wool shawls or something, but it's there.



I forgot to measure the exact length and width of this, but I know that it will cover legs in a car seat and act as a small pallet.  It's also big enough to wrap around chilly little shoulders, or worn as a cape.  It's a lovely little baby blanket and I loved making it.

6 thoughts on “Crocheting a Sunshiney Baby Blanket”

  • Knittingdancer on Ravelry

    I like that you decided to use all gray squares instead of alternating them with the yellow and gray squares.I think the yellow edging pulls everything together. Beautiful baby blanket.

    • Jen

      Thank you! I had thought mixing the gray and yellow would look really striking, but it didn't seem to work on a project so small. I was happy with how that extra bit of yellow around the edges perked things up as well!

  • Beth

    So pretty. What a great baby gift.

  • Gretchen

    Your adorable blanket totally just made me buy that pattern book because I'm a total sucker for an adorable blanket pattern. Mischief managed! Your blankets are DARLING!

    • Jen

      Woo hoo! Ha. There are some sweet little patterns in there, I have to say. Have an awesome time! And thank you for the kind words.

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