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Cute Hat, Crochet it I Did

I crocheted the hat from the Giraffe Hat and Diaper Cover Set.

I might have made some modifications.  To review, this is what the Giraffe hat looked like the last time I made it.

And this time, I wanted to try something a little different.  A friend is going to be an uncle later this year, and he's a big Star Wars fan.  I'm sure he's going to be an excellent uncle, and he probably wants to start indoctrinating his little nephew with important nerd lore as soon as he can.  Also, dressing up babies is hilarious and adorable.  Who wouldn't want to see a little bitty baby made up to look like a weird wrinkly creature with an odd understanding of standard English sentence structures?

I promise, I'm not making fun or Star Wars or criticizing it.  I'm just more of a Star Trek fan and I'm maybe a little bitter that you'll see close to a kajillion pictures of newborn portraits with a Star Wars theme, and hundreds of Star Wars patterns AND YET THERE ARE STILL NO CAPTAIN JANEWAY BEANIE PATTERNS WITH THE SEASON 1 BUN ON TOP!!!!!


But anyway, my friend loves Star Wars and those characters and I'm sure he'll love his nephew and everyone in the known solar system (yes, including the Delta Quadrant) loves baby hats with ears.  And when you look at the Giraffe hat pattern from the top, you see how easy it would be to modify this to resemble a Yoda head.

All you have to do is leave off the ossicones (even though they were my favorite!) and swap out your yellow yarn for some green.  I used some Vanna's Choice in Dusty Green.  I also crocheted two extra rows on the ears, and followed the pattern's method of increases.  I sewed them more on the sides of the head, rather than at the top, and started attaching them at around the third row.  This is incredibly silly-looking, and I'm absolutely thrilled with how it turned out.

The hat pattern is for babies around six months old, which means it should fit its intended recipient when cooler weather gets here.  This is one of my goofier mods and I love it.  This is really two great hat possibilities in one pattern!

4 thoughts on “Cute Hat, Crochet it I Did”

  • Catherine A. McClarey

    I bet you could probably find some Klingon beanie patterns with built-in brow ridges, though (although I haven't yet searched the Ravelry database for such a pattern).

    • Jen

      You know I hit Ravelry, Google, and Pintrest after I first read this and didn't find any! How strange! There were some very adorable yarncrafted Spock hats, though...

  • Sande Francis

    Can't find a Janeway bun? Create it yourself!! It's not rocket science and it ain't warp drive technology!

    • Jen

      I know, I think it's the fact that the pattern doesn't exist that bothers me! Maybe it's a copyright issue. Because I certainly don't want to believe that there's not a demand for more Star Trek: Voyager patterns!

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