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Head 'Em Up, Move 'Em Out

I am still knitting the Franco's Muffler pattern from Knit Along with Debbie Macomber: Debbie's Favorites.


I am still working on.... a lot of things.

This isn't my usual start-itis, which is probably a real thing recognized by crafters and Doc McStuffins alike.  We're very much a Doc McStuffins household right now, and we're also a household in very real danger of being completely overtaken by my WIPs.  This is such a serious problem that I considered piling all of my projects together for the cheap purpose of a photo op and then I got embarrassed by the sheer volume of not-follow-throughness.  I swear, I really know how to diagnose 'em now!

So I'm trying to clean out my stash of projects.  You may have noticed my attempts to wrap a few things here and there.  Some of my projects are hanging around because they're large or time-consuming, but some are just being neglected because it's more fun to try something new.   So now I'm going through my projects and figuring out what I want to finish up and what I want to just write off.  It's like trying to clean out your stash and you put all your yarn out in front of you, only I'm talking about my works-in-progress on the Internet.

I know, I know.  I'm questioning this logic myself.  But it's nice to have a plan, and I'm hoping reviewing my posts about my projects will be helpful.

Okay, first up!  The Colorful Hexagon pattern from Motif Afghans.  I thought it would be fun for this to be the Yellow Hexagon pattern and have a nice honeycomb-looking blanket. 

And then all of the sudden, I just didn't want to anymore.  I don't have very many hexagons crocheted up, so I'm just going to throw these squares into the 'maybe I'll do a yarnbombing sometime' pile where my failed projects go.  If I do make this pattern someday, I'll probably use some different yarn.  It's Caron's Simply Soft yarn, and I think something that feels more substantial would work better.

Sadly for this poor attempt at the crocheted Baby Surprise Jacket, I was also using some Caron Simply Soft.  And I don't remember what size I was making.  And my nephew probably outgrew this before warm weather got here AND before I ever got to the sleeve increases.  So this will be unraveled.  Goodbye, little jacket!  We'll try this again soon!

They're based on the Colorful Circles pattern from Baby Afghans, and I'm starting to wonder why I'm taking multi-color patterns and making them yellow.  Anyway, the gray squares have almost all been used up and the yellow ones are resting comfortably.  I'll make some more in the next month or so and then I'll have another baby blanket!

This little bookmark is from Thread Bookmarks.  I liked it when I got started, but then I realized it's a bit beyond my skill set.  So it's gone.  I'm going to make a pattern from Thread Bookmarks that's a little more at my level, and I'm going to make it very soon because I still want to mail it off to my mamaw for Mother's Day.

The Basic Stocking from Crocheted Christmas Stockings?  I will finish it!

But I'm obviously in no rush because Christmas is still a little ways off.  Awesome!

The Ripples of Joy attempt from Baby Afghans is getting frogged.  I wasn't actually crocheting the Ripples of Joy pattern!  I was doing my increases wrong even though I've made this once before.  I don't know what happened and I don't care.  Crocheting this in one color would have been boring anyway, and I'm starting to creep myself out with my near-pathological tendency to take a beautifully colorful pattern and turn it yellow.  (Please someone stop me from making a yellow Christmas stocking if it comes to that.)

And finally, the Mitered Eyelet Blanket from Baby Blankets Made with the Knook.  I'm actually knitting it.  I'm about two-thirds of the way through with the seaming and then I'll weave in a hundred or so ends.  And then!  My daughter will have her blanket!

This project is the one I'm least looking forward to, and it's probably because it feels the most important.  I'm concerned about sewing squares together wrong, or out of order.  And I know I'll need to block this.  And, and, and.  I need to finish this up because I know having this project completed will make me happiest out of all of these projects.

Okay! (Dusts off hands.)  So I have two blankets to finish, and only one is urgent.  I have a scarf and a bookmark to look forward to.  And I'm scrapping four projects and using the yarn for something more fun.  Now that I've culled things out a bit, I'm more excited diving into my remaining WIPs and getting them out my hooks and needles and into the hands of people who will love them.  Hooray!

How do you sift through your unfinished projects?  Do you pull them all out and stare at them?  Do you have a list that you like to consult?  Do you wait until you can't bear to think of all the piled-up attempts and then you swear off crafting for a while?  I'm just asking for a friend.


6 thoughts on “Head 'Em Up, Move 'Em Out”

  • Carmen N

    Only Doc McStuffins? We've been taken over by the whole Disney Jr line-up! LOLI use my Ravelry projects list to remind me that I have bags still stashed away that need to be finished - BEFORE I start another one (*sigh*)

    • Jen

      Oof! Bless your hearts. We only have to contend with a little bit of Doc and some occasional Mickey. I always admire people who remember to make projects on Ravelry!

  • Marie Lange

    This is me "some are just being neglected because it's more fun to try something new" and there is always something new with the INTERNET & blogs and magazines. I'm on something new overload.

    • Jen

      I feel you. The distractions stopped being fun a couple of weeks ago, and I felt like everything had to go! But I can feel myself gearing up to start a new slew of projects again...

  • reesedil

    I must be too meticulous cause once I start a project, I don't do another one until it's finished. I'm on my fourth afghan now for my familes xmas gifts and I did manage one stocking for xmas for my fur babies. I have a million more things in my head and if I was to ever get them all done, our house would be in threat of being ran over by knit and crochet.

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