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Weekly Dishcloth: Crocheting a Great Granny Square Dishcloth

I crocheted another dishcloth from The Big Book of Dishcloths

This time I picked the #33 pattern.  I loved the cluster stitches in the corners.  It's a fun little detail for the increase stitches amidst the plain and simple double crochet stitches.  I just liked how the embellishments appeared to be plopped down very simply in the very simple stitches.  It's a fun look for a granny square, and a very simple pattern to follow.

I used variegated yarn because the project on the cover was crocheted up in variegated yarn and I thought it looked very cute.  I also just love this yarn because it looks very homey in a country sort of way.  I thought it would look just right in a granny square dishcloth.

And it does look just right!  The pattern was very intuitive and I love how this turned out.  I skipped the border (the option for a single crochet border, double crochet border, or reverse single crochet border is there for every pattern) because it seemed fine just the way it was.  I'm just that pleased with this little project.  This was a surprisingly quick project.  Just some Sugar 'n Cream yarn, a G hook, and an about an hour was all I needed to make this sunshiny project.

This was simple and simply perfect!

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