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Weekly Dishcloth: I Can't Believe I'm Crocheting this Dishcloth


This week's dishcloth is the Dishcloth pattern from I Can't Believe I'm Crocheting!  The exclamation point is part of the title.  But I'm excited regardless.  I was looking through my patterns on Ravelry and this little gem was buried somewhere in the dishcloth section of my library.  I liked that the pattern came with the option of making this with stripes, or as a solid color dishcloth.  And since I love anything with modifications, I got started on this almost immediately.

This dishcloth is made up of half double crochet stitches that worked in the front loops only or in the back loops only (the stitches alternate).  It lets a newer crocheter practice half double crochet stitches and new techniques while creating a fantastically textured dishcloth that looks like it's going to be perfect for scrubbing.

A little part of my brain just groans with boredom every time I write about a dishcloth's texture (I feel like I type out the word "texture" way too much), but talking about the way something looks and feels is a big part of yarn crafting.  Also, I checked a thesaurus and decided I would feel silly using "composition" when talking about the crocheted fabric of fairly simple dishcloth.  So I'll just say that this pattern creates a very textured dishcloth.

This very textured dishcloth has an interesting-looking surface and I think it will be perfect for scrubbing for dishes and mopping up spills--even if they're only imaginary because my three-year-old believes I'm making this for her play kitchen.  Oh well.  If you're a new crocheter, this dishcloth pattern (or any dishcloth pattern really!) is an excellent way to practice new stitches and techniques.  If you're more experienced, this still has enough variety to keep you entertained.  Either way, you're sure to love the end result and it's a wonderful addition to any kitchen!

 Real or otherwise.
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