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Weekly Dishcloth: One Down, Ninety-Eight to Go!

Well, I have a new dishcloth pattern book.  I've been dissatisfied with my dishcloth options lately, and when I saw The Big Book of Dishcloths at Michaels I knew it should come home with me.

So it did.  And a few short hours later, I was trying out pattern #32!  Ta da!

Like the granny square patterns in one of my favorite books ever, 99 Granny Squares to Crochet, The Big Book of Dishcloths has ninety-nine patterns that are numbered instead of name.  I picked #32 simply because I liked how the stitches looked.

Every pattern in this book calls for worsted weight cotton thread and a G hook.  I used some Caron dishcloth yarn for the main part, and some scraps for the border.  Which reminds me!  Each pattern in this book instructs the crocheter to work the edging of his or her choice at the end of each pattern.  There are edging instructions on the book's inside back cover for a single crochet border, a double crochet border, and a reverse single crochet border.  For some reason, I really liked the simplicity of throwing on the pattern option you like best. 

The pattern doesn't call for a contrast color for the border, but I just thought it would look cheerful.  I picked the single crochet border because I thought a narrow border in the bright peach color would be a nice contrast.

I also picked the single crochet border because this dishcloth was plenty big enough without added more to the edges--about a 12" square!  I think I may need to go down a hook size in the future.  The crocheted fabric in the pattern photos looks pretty dense, so this loose crocheter may need to hop down a few sizes to get the right gauge.

This may not be the scrubbiest of patterns, but it's a cheerful addition to my gift stash and I think it will do a lovely job of helping someone wash up some time soon.  Dishcloth #32 was a fun first attempt for a new book and I love this summery-looking dishcloth!

One down, ninety-eight to go!

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