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Crocheting the Granny Stripe Blanket!


I have crocheted the Granny Stripe blanket from Baby Afghans and I'm so thrilled I can barely stand it.  I love it.  I love it.  I love it!


After a bit of a false start with the wrong hook, I tried again with some more worsted weight yarn (Caron's One Pound for the brown and Red Heart Super Saver for everything else) and the pattern's recommended J hook at my weekly knit night.  And then I made the body of the blanket.  Yes.  That night.  And I still went home early.  Yes.  Even after getting a bit lost and having to count out loud for my beginning chain during the middle of an interesting story.  It's a rookie mistake and that's why I normally get my projects started before going to knit night.  But still.  I crocheted the body of this little blanket in one evening with a break for supper.  And then I crocheted the border on an hour-long car trip! 

This is fast!  I am a golden god!  I even wove in all my ends!

[Laughs maniacally just remembering the experience.  WHAT A RUSH!]

I'm just very excited about this baby afghan!  It has shells, which I'm an absolute sucker for.  I used easy-to-care-for acrylic, which is going to wash and dry beautifully.  It's a little over 2' wide and nearly 3' long, which means it can be wrapped around a little baby perfectly this winter.  And it can cover a little baby in a car seat next winter.  And it can cover a little toddler's legs the winter after that.  And on and on and on.  I dearly love the sweet baby girl I made this for even though I don't know her yet (no one does. She's not even born!) because I dearly love her mama.  I'm so thrilled to be making little baby items for my friend, and it's doubly exciting that I liked this pattern as much as I did.

And it's going to be soft and lovely when I give it to my friend because I'm totally washing this before mailing it out.  If she ever sees that I placed this blanket on several surfaces on my parents' farm, she might get a bit panicky!  Plus, I want this to feel completely ready to be next to a little person's skin.  It's going to be great.  I don't know what else I'm going to make for this little girl, but I'm very glad to have made such a sweet little afghan for her.

2 thoughts on “Crocheting the Granny Stripe Blanket!”

  • Bailey

    I'm going to have to track that pattern down. That looks like my kind of baby blanket. I too have to start my projects before going to the groups because I can't listen/talk and focus on the challenges of correct counts. I try to bring something that is obvious when the count is off.

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