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Crocheting the Lace Clutch for Summer

Well, it's finished and it's lovely!  I crocheted the Lace Clutch from Bags & Totes and I stand by what I said before: this is a perfect summer project.  

This little bag is small and easy to work on in summer months.  The stitches are simple enough to crochet with two strands of light yarn held together without tangling them.  The body of the bag is worked in single crochet stitches that look simple and crisp. 

And so sturdy! Not stiff, because of the lightweight yarn and the hook size (H), but sturdy enough for a clutch.

The shells on the flap add some pretty detail without being too fussy.

It's a fun little project to crochet and this is a fun little clutch to have in my summer arsenal.  It will carry only the barest of essentials, which sounds fantastic to me.  I don't think I have any summer weddings to attend this year, but this would be a good little handbag for one. In the meantime, this will be a nice purse to carry when I just need my wallet and keys.  Sometimes it's smart to just limit yourself to a small bag so that you don't pack half the house.  And by "yourself" and "you," I obviously mean "myself" and "I." I don't know how I'll fit a knitting project in this, but I think this could hold all of my other essentials  Sometimes it's nice to limit myself to something small so that I don't go crazy with packing. 

Also, it was fun to crochet such a small and simple project.  This was all one piece!  Once you stop crocheting the body, you just move right on to the flap.  It's worked flat and there's a tiny bit of seaming on the sides, but this could not have been simpler. 

Seriously, even with the two skeins.  It was fine!  Also, I just like this picture and wanted to use it again.

It was one of those perfect little summer projects.  You know them when you see them and I'm glad I found this one when I did.

6 thoughts on “Crocheting the Lace Clutch for Summer”

  • Bailey

    I do have a summer wedding this would be ideal for, thanks for the suggestion.

    • Jen

      Awesome! "Summer wedding" was the very first thing that popped into my head when I saw this pattern. It really is a good size for a wallet, keys, and a phone. And very cute!

  • Catherine A. McClarey

    Something this small would also make a great first purse for a young girl or teenager who doesn't need to carry much yet. I remember ready-made clutch purses about this size were a popular gift for the little girls in my daughter's First Communion class back in the day -- which would also make them a nice gift for a flower girl or bridesmaid.

    • Jen

      I've been trying to remember what this pattern sort of reminds me of, and you're exactly right--this would be a perfect young girl purse with a simple and short strap! And yes, this would be a perfect gift for wedding parties. Something homemade and small and pretty would be really meaningful!

  • Claire Charsley-Killah

    Where is the pattern for this........thanks

    • Jen

      It's from the book Totes & Bags: are some great patterns in there!

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