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Crocheting the Red-Hot Pot Holder ..... in Blue

I dug deep into some Leisure Arts patterns recently and found this gem: the Red-Hot Pot Holder from Crochet Collection.  I typically link to epatterns on the Leisure Arts website, but this book doesn't seem to be available in e-format.  So that's a link to the paper copy available on Amazon.  I'll be honest with you,  I just checked this out from my library.  It still had a shiny gold sticker on the cover proclaiming "NEW".  You'd know the book if you saw it (check your library!  Libraries are great!) because it has that American flag afghan pattern on the front.

I see that afghan online all the time and I was a little taken aback to see it in my local library.  There it was, out in the wild!

Even though I didn't feel up to crocheting a full size afghan in the middle of the summer, I checked out the book anyway because I wanted to know what a good crochet collection entailed.  Certain patterns were set out with "Quick" set against the pattern titles, which I thought was handy for when you're just flipping through patterns and waiting for something to grab your eyes.  The Red-Hot Pot Holder was one of those quick projects and I wanted to try it.  It's made with two strands of medium weight yarn held together and I actually had two skeins of red yarn ready to go!  Yes, I know you can work with two strands from one skein but I'm not very good at it.


And as you've probably already noticed, I didn't make this in red.  When I was getting started, my husband saw the pattern and asked if I was making the pot holder for him.  I hadn't planned to, but it seemed ungracious to say so.  Especially since I didn't have anyone else in mind to give this to, and he seemed pretty excited about having more handmade pot holders.  So I asked him about yarn choices for the pot holder, and he mentioned that he really liked the one I crocheted him for his birthday.  That meant cotton yarn.

Sometimes I don't love my husband, and then I remember how excited he was to get this potholder as a birthday present. You have to love someone who appreciates your handmade gifts, especially when that flower did not turn out as I had hoped.

But I had two skeins of Sugar n' Cream Denim and a J hook, and so I made this quick little pot holder in probably less than an hour.  I like this little (about 7" across) hexagonal pot holder and my husband has already used it several times.  He said it worked great!


This is a great little pattern and seriously, that this is quick.  The title did not lie!  This would be a fantastic last-minute shower gift or housewarming present.  Or it could handle any pot holder emergencies you have in your own home.  It also meets my requirements for a good summer project: it's simple, small, and fast.  And the cotton yarn?  Just a great, summery bonus.  I'll save my red yarn for this winter.  I'm sure I'll want a red-hot project then.

But this blue cottony project turned out to be a great bit of summer crocheting that was perfect for just right now.

4 thoughts on “Crocheting the Red-Hot Pot Holder ..... in Blue”

  • Bailey

    I love finding crochet gems at the library. It's a great way to preview books before I go off hunting them either in new or used formats. I like cotton for dishcloths and potholders. Not a fan of anything but cotton for them. Nice pattern.

    • Jen

      Thanks, I really enjoyed it! I love libraries in general, but using patterns from library books makes me feel rich. All those books on the shelves and they're all for me! I can use any of them I want! It's a good feeling.

  • Catherine A. McClarey

    I followed the link to Amazon, and checked eBay as well -- and learned this is actually cheaper at Amazon! (If you don't mind a used copy.) I believe my local public library has its catalog online nowadays, so I should check there as well. I've made 4 potholders in the last month or two (double-thick -- which meant crocheting 8 dense squares and seaming them together in pairs), and I'm certainly on the lookout for quick, easy, worked-in-the-round patterns (partly because kitchen cotton is not my favorite yarn to work with -- so I'd rather get it over with quickly).

    • Jen

      Whoa, my knuckles hurt just thinking about all those squares! Cotton yarn can be pretty tough to work with--especially double--but yes, those few little rows went by quickly! It's a fun little project.

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