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Knitting a Sweet Little Stash Buster. I Mean, Blanket.

I have been knitting the Blue Striped Blanket pattern from Knit in a Day for Baby because I'm a sucker for a quick knit blanket that calls for super bulky yarn.  This is precious!

A little back story: last week, I went by the Leisure Arts offices to pick up some yarn because sometimes I do that.  It's an awesome perk of the job......and an organizational nightmare.  Like most crafters faced with free supplies, I might have gotten a bit carried away.  Or a lot.  Or maybe you could say I got outright dumb.  I'm not here to argue semantics.  But I will concede that what seemed a only a tiny bit unreasonable as I was picking out skeins felt somewhat excessive as I was carrying the boxes to my car.  By the time I had two full-size boxes of yarn in the middle of my living room floor, I knew I had officially Made An Unwise Decision. 

But!  Knitting and crocheting are great ways to use up yarn!  Who knew?!  Okay, we all knew.  And since I grabbed several partial skeins of Bernat Baby Blanket, a baby blanket seemed like a perfect (and painfully obvious) project!  This pattern calls for about 650 yards of super bulky weight yarn and #13 needles to create a blanket that is around 25" wide and 30" long. 


Mine may be a bit shorter, but I think I have enough yardage for at least a square blanket.  I'm just knitting the border in yellow and using just one yarn for the body, instead of striping my border color with a contrast color. 

You knit the sides in garter stitch and seam them to the body. Garter stitch!

The Pitter Patter colorway (awwwww!) is a mix of yellow, white, pink, and blue that's so sweet it makes me want to smash a birthday cupcake into some vanilla ice cream.  That's what the yarn reminds me of, by the way.  It's sweet like sugar and happiness.  I think it's going to be a wonderful baby blanket.


I have six baby blankets that I need to make in the next few months, and I've only finished one.  But since this is a blanket made with super bulky yarn and #13 needles (I keep mentioning this because it's music to my soul), I think I'll be adding this blanket to my gift stash next!  I obviously haven't knit this in a day, but I made it roughly one-third through in just a night.  And after a couple more evenings with this soft and squishy yarn and this straightforward pattern, I'll have five fewer skeins of yarn taking up space in my living room! 

And a delightfully fluffy and soft baby blanket to give to some little baby who's sweet like sugar and happiness. I love it.

6 thoughts on “Knitting a Sweet Little Stash Buster. I Mean, Blanket.”

  • Bailey

    Love the yarn. It makes for a pretty blanket. I don't have that perk, but still have managed to fill a room with yarn. :)

    • Jen

      Ugh, I think we can all fill rooms with yarn. It's totally going to come in handy someday, though! Right? Right?!?!? ;)

  • menzrob

    Loved the story! "So much yarn, so little time." :-)

    • Jen

      Thanks! And yes, that phrase gets tossed around a lot for a reason! I know plenty of knitters who say they knit because they like buying yarn. I think I might be the same way!

  • karla9490

    Ummm, don't mean to nit-pick, but I don't think it's really a "stash-buster" if you are bringing in extra yarn, lol. But let's just stick with the original story, shall we....lmao. Touche, for I know how it goes. I going to use up my stash, but I need to go buy just a bit more yarn to make the project look just right. Hehe. Well, at least yarn is soft, you can always sleep on it if the stash gets too high.

    • Jen

      I should have been more clear: I brought the yarn home, and immediately realized I needed to do something with it, so I jumped on this pattern. The sad part is that I think I might need to buy one more skein to finish this! And I won't use up the whole skein! The vicious cycle continues.

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