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Knooks, Videos, and Tangents


A few months ago, my husband thought he would try to help me out with some of the craft projects I do for this blog.  He didn't think he was up to crocheting, so he went for the Knook.  The plan was that he would try it out while I was away at work, and then I could help him with any confusion.  We were pretty certain that he would get pretty confused and I would probably have a post's worth of humor and silliness.

When I came home that evening, he told me he didn't get as far as he had hoped.  "I ran out of string" he said.


Let me be clear: I had left him with several Knook pattern books, all of which have detailed explanations on how to use the Knook.  These explanations all have pictures.  When I made him a pile of Knook-related materials next to some yarn and Knooks, I was very careful to place Learn to Knook on the very top.

Let me be extra clear (in case you have never used a Knook, or you are just trying to give this poor man the benefit of a doubt): the string to which he referred was, in fact, the string attached to the end of the Knook.  The string you use to hold your active stitches.

For the record, here's what you do with the string:

And here's how you get started:

I was never quite able to figure out what he had tried to do with the Knook and the string, but I did manage to explain to him what it was for.  He then decided that Knooking was not for him because I was making things too complicated.


Whatever, it's his loss.  I'm not sure why I was thinking about that lately, but I was. And even though my husband didn't appreciate me bringing it up, I got a few laughs out of the memory.

But to be fair, any kind of craft can be hard to understand at first--both in terms of technique and motivation.  But for people who enjoy making things, learning something new is definitely worth the initial confusion and frustration.  It's still interesting and satisfying to try out something different, even when some attempts don't work as well as others (looking at you, Tunisian crochet).

Knooking will probably never be as fun for me as knitting and crochet are, but it's okay to have favorites and it was super fascinating to learn how to do it.   Other people love their Knooks and it always makes me happy to see Ravelry users or bloggers freaking out over how much they like Knooking and showing pictures of their projects.

Once you get the hang of it, you can adapt any knitting pattern to your Knooking.  And then I guess you can take over the world!  There are several video tutorials on the Leisure Arts YouTube channel, and even more (in HD!) on their video page.   It's a fun thing to try out, if you haven't already.  The weekend looms large and is full of promise.  I say go for it.

I mean, I don't say that to my husband but hey.  Give something new a try!  Anything!  And have fun.



2 thoughts on “Knooks, Videos, and Tangents”

  • Bailey

    I have the knook and the books and I am determined to learn. One of the days I will get to it.

  • Mary Grace

    Love my Knook value set to the point where I donated all of my fixed circular knitting needles. I just hope that the Knooks also come in an aluminum set with interchangeable cables that way you can use the Knook hooks not only to knit with but to crochet and tunisian crochet with! A 3-in-1 hook for all the multi-yarn crafters out there.

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