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Marvelous Mittens

I made mittens!  I finished the Basic Mittens pattern from I Can't Believe I'm Knitting Mittens! and I love how they turned out!


My daughter loved how they turned out as well, which is great because I made them in the toddler size and they were for her.  I'm not sure if they'll fit her in the fall, but that's okay.  One, because I have made these mittens and I'm fully comfortable making them in the next size up.  And two, because she's wearing them this summer.  Girlfriend loves to accessorize.

This was a delightful pattern.  I feel a little silly saying that, but not enough so that I pick a different word.  The number of stitches is divisible by four, you use four needles, and when you follow the pattern you get mittens.  I'm not sure what could be better because this was lovely.

I really enjoying making anything from the I Can't Believe I'm .... series.  Just when you think something couldn't possibly be broken down into more minute detail, it gets broken down into more minute detail.  There's painstakingly detailed instructions in there to reassure you AND step-by-step photographs.  It's fantastic.

One of the things I appreciated about the pattern is that even though they recommend you work to find your gauge and go from there, the instructions are still to knit your plain rows (meaning, rows that don't involve increases, decreases, thumb holes, etc.) until you reach a certain length.  Not a certain number of rows, just a certain length.  Gauge is a funny thing, and people are funny things, and pattern-writers who assume you must absolutely achieve perfect gauge and then knit something exactly as they did with exactly the same type of yarn for the same number of rows are funniest of all.  They just make me laugh and laugh until I want to cry and maybe throw something. 

But then I remember I'm a grown woman who can do whatever I want with a pattern to get whatever finished project I need.  I Can't Believe I'm Knitting Mittens is a great starting point that completely explains every point of a pattern to a newer knitter with the type of tone that lets the knitter know, "Hey, you'll have this in no time and then you'll probably do all kinds of things with all kinds of patterns!"

"High five!"

 I would MUCH rather knit a pattern that tells me to knit until something is a length I like or need.  The measurements were incredibly handy.  And I know this seems rather obvious to some crafters, but I really appreciate the little note where you're instructed to knit the hand of the mitten until it's roughly whatever length is appropriate for whatever size you're making--or you know, until it hits the tip of the pinky of the person you're knitting for.  Duh.  I appreciated the reminder, though.  Sometimes it's easy to lose all common sense when you're in the thick of a pattern and keeping up with all your needles.


And yes, even though I am a grown woman who can (mostly) follow a pattern I did knit one of these a bit larger than the other.  I hypnotized myself a little with this soft yarn (Manos del Uruguay Wool Classica. So soft!  So wooly!) and these simple little knit stitches.  Sometimes I wouldn't catch myself until I knitted a bit farther than I should have.  In the future, I plan to just knit a much larger size.  (The sizes for this pattern are Toddler, Child's Small, Child's Medium, Women's, and Men's.)  That should let me enjoy plenty of relaxing knitting and then I'll have a set of mittens for myself!  Like I said, I don't know what could be better.

Because it just doesn't get much better than mittens.

2 thoughts on “Marvelous Mittens”

  • Bailey

    That made me laugh. Been there don't that and was so frustrated through out only to be told you should be able to manage the level required by that pattern. All I wanted to know was how long it had to be because I did your gauge swatch and I didn't change my tension. Now the outfit I'm making is for an 18" doll and it would barely fit a 13" baby doll, so let's just tell me how long yours was and I can figure it out from here.You mittens are beautiful and it is wonderful when they appreciate the effort.

    • Jen

      Gauge is such a tricky thing sometimes! I was happy this pattern had some 'wiggle room' for people's different needs. And thank you! I've been very lucky to have a little girl who really likes handmade things.

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