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Simple Seed Stitch

I made the Seed Stitch pattern from Skinny Scarves.  I added ten extra stitches, so it's not that skinny.  But I really love seed stitch, so I wanted more of it to knit.  It was awesome.

I cast this on in a bit of a frenzy last week when I thought I didn't have anything in my gift stash and my sister's birthday was only a few days away.  A simple seed stitch scarf sounded pretty and quick.  This has been both!  The pattern calls for bulky weight yarn and #10 needles.  I used some Bernat Softee Chunky (the old version) and #10.5 needles.  This knitted up quickly and beautifully, and turned out to be an excellent stashbuster as well!  Perfect!

I sped through the endless knits and purls while playing with my daughter, waiting for pictures to upload on other blog posts, or watching television.  By the time I'd reached my second skein, I was a lot more relaxed about having a present.  This was looking so lovely, and there's something almost hypnotic about simple seed stitch.  I knew my sister would like the width and length--I worked until the scarf was over six feet long and had nearly 300 yards of yarn in it.  And I know I liked working on this.

For the record, I remembered that I had also had put away the Easy Going Beanie from Celebrity Slouchy Beanies for the Family especially for her birthday several months ago!  By the time I realized I probably shouldn't trust my memory and go through my gift stash, I was already close to finishing up the scarf.  My sister was very happy with her handknit presents!  She usually is, which is why I knit for her in the first place, and I knew she would like the gray of the scarf especially. 

I like it, too.

2 thoughts on “Simple Seed Stitch”

  • Bailey

    l have to keep a spreadsheet for my family gifts. It's the only way. However, in this case I'm sure it was worth it to see your sis so happy.

    • Jen

      Every year, I'm torn between feeling like a spreadsheet is too much trouble and feeling like it's the best idea in the world. I certainly don't mind giving my sister two knitted gifts, but I should probably at least throw up a list! A spreadsheet sounds awesome.

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