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Weekly Dishcloth: Knitting a Flailing Frog!

I knitted the Frog dishcloth pattern from Garden Dishcloths to Knit.  There are so many dishcloth patterns--especially in this book--that seem incredibly summery to me, and making a bright green dishcloth that features a froggy flying through the air felt like the perfect type of dishcloth to knit in June.

On my mother-in-law's metal swing in her yard. There is so much summer in this picture!

It's also my first pattern to knit out of Garden Dishcloths to Knit!  There are twelve sweet little patterns in here, and I do mean "little."  Each dishcloth is made to be around 7" X 7", which isn't super tiny.  But it's not overwhelmingly large, either.  This is an oddly tidy-looking dishcloth and I love it.

The designs in the dishcloths are created with purl stitches. My purls tend to get a bit sloppy, which is why I think the frog's little hands and feet look a bit....indeterminate?  Still, most of the body stands out amongst the stockinette stitches, and I think you can tell by looking that this is a frog leaping.  Into what?  We'll never know.  He's suspended in my awkward purl stitches forever, flailing in a cottony eternity.

Sorry.  I picked this because it seemed like a pattern that was full of summer whimsy and now I feel like I just made things weird.  I'm definitely rethinking my plans for the ladybug pattern!

I used Sugar n' Cream yarn in Hot Green, and this took approximately 60 yards.  The pattern calls for #7 needles, but I used #5 to reach gauge.  I enjoy this garter stitch-bordered creation, and I like that each pattern gets its own page.  That feels like a ridiculously minor detail, but I wanted to mention it.  The instructions are written out, row by row, and there's no chance of you reading the wrong line and knitting the instructions from a pattern on the previous page.  Sometimes little things like that can make a tremendous difference, and that was a little thing that made knitting this dishcloth a much happier and clearer experience.

I made this is in about an hour and I'm already getting excited about trying out another pattern from this.  There is a beehive dishcloth in here that looks incredibly adorable, and I have some dark yellow cotton yarn that would be perfect.  I love summer, and I love summer projects.  I hope you do, too!

Happy crafting.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Dishcloth: Knitting a Flailing Frog!”

  • Bailey

    I love these types of dishcloths. They are the only projects I can knit. My knitting skills are not great, but a dishcloth always comes in handy.

    • Jen

      I struggle a bit with these types of patterns (something about purling into a stitch on both sides, I think), but they make some really cute dishcloths! I'm sure yours are fine. Most dishcloths are pretty fantastic!

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