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Weekly Dishcloth: Knitting the Trinity Stitch Dishcloth

This week's dishcloth is the Trinity Stitch pattern from Kitchen Bright Dishcloths.

The border of the dishcloth is worked in seed stitch (my favorite!), and most of the body is the result of knitting, purling, and knitting into one stitch.  Get it?  Trinity?  Okay.  Then you purl your next three stitches together and you have a fabulously bumpy dishcloth.  I thought I would try this technique again because I worked on it last week when I got started on the Red Berries hat from Snow Day Sets to Knit, and I didn't feel like my bumps were bumpy enough.

Since that pattern is worked in the round and calls for purling, knitting, and purling into a stitch, I wondered if this dishcloth would turn out a bit differently with it's worked-back-and-forth rows and the knitting, purling, and knitting.


This is a pleasantly textured dishcloth, but it certainly doesn't look like the picture in the book.  Yes, I know my work isn't typically a perfect replica of the pattern's picture--and I usually like that!  But that's because the glaring differences in a model photo and my finished product are intentional.  I love modifying patterns.  But this lack of 'pop' in my stitches is starting to bother me!  I had wondered if I should have been using a bigger needle so that the stitches would be larger, but my gauge was fine.  I used #5 needles, by the way.  My hands hurt two days after finishing this!

However, this is what the back of the dishcloth looks like.  I think it's pretty.  Normally patterned dishcloths just have a bunch of purl stitches on the wrong side.  This is interesting to me.

Maybe I just knit really timid stitches? Is that a thing even?  No?  Fine.  I've always been really happy with how evenly my stockinette stitches lay, but it maybe it has nothing to do with my knitting.  Maybe I'm just a flat knitter!  This is like having really limp hair.  It's pretty great when that straight, plastered-to-your-head look is in fashion (even if it's not great for the shape of my face).  But when styles change and you want to try some waves or texture or anything that makes your hair do something other than sit on your head?  It's just all over from there.

Actually, let me be honest and say that my hair never even got started.  Show of hands for anyone who's been rocking the same cut/style for a decade or more!


Maybe some things just work for some folks.  Maybe flat knitting really works for me.  Regardless of what I hoped it would look like, this is still a pretty dishcloth.  As far as knitting disappointments go, this one is completely bearable.  Everyone I showed this to could tell what it was, and that's more than I can say for some of my craft fails.  This is going to scrub dishes like magic with its textured fabric and it looks like a very summery dishcloth. 

These might not be great stitches, but this is still a great dishcloth.  

4 thoughts on “Weekly Dishcloth: Knitting the Trinity Stitch Dishcloth”

  • Bailey

    The wonderful thing about making dishcloths is even when they don't look like the picture they still clean very well.

  • Dawna

    They do not look like flat stitches at all. I can the pop in the photo. You are being ridiculously hard on yourself. I am interested in trying this but my knitting is as great a my crocheting but I persevere and pray someday I will be really good at it LOL

    • Jen

      Thank you for saying that! I guess I just felt like after all increasing and decreasing this should produce fireworks or something, ha! I do love using dishcloths for trying out new techniques. There are some other patterns in this book if you wanted to start out a bit simpler, though! Keep it up!

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