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Weekly Dishcloth: Learning to Love Crocheting the Variegated Dishcloth

I crocheted the Variegated dishcloth pattern from Dishcloths.  I made it last summer--in fact, I made almost exactly a year ago!--and didn't exactly love it.  I remembered feeling like a more colorful yarn would make a difference.

Boy howdy.  What a difference a year and some colorful yarn can make!

I used a G hook and some I Love This Yarn! in the Carousel Ombre colorway.  A friend gave it to me when she was decluttering a few months ago, and as soon as I saw that skein with all the colors of a Play Doh pack I thought about trying the Variegated dishcloth again.  I only used half a skein when I made this over the weekend, so I might make this a second time! 

The I Love This Yarn! feels a little thinner and slipperier than my usual Sugar n' Cream cotton yarn, but that made it incredibly pleasant to work with.  It wasn't nearly as splitty, which came in handy because there are a ton cluster stitches in this pattern.  If you've ever tried to crochet clusters with the wrong type of yarn, you know how frustrating it can be to set up all those loops and then snag your hook on your yarn over and over.  This was a lot more fun to work with, and I think it will lose its lint after a few washings. 

I love this!  It's summery!  And a little retro!  It looks like a giant, exuberant flower! 

I feel a little dizzy just looking through these pictures again, but mostly in a good way.  I enjoyed nearly every pattern in Dishcloths that I made, and that's nearly all of the patterns in the book.  It's pretty fun to try out different patterns again with different yarns, and using something with more colors put the Variegated pattern solidly in my 'I Love This Pattern' category.  I crocheted this in an hour or two on a lazy Saturday, and I think I'm going to give this to my youngest sister as part of her birthday present in a few months. She loves bright pinks and greens, and her birthday is in August.  It's a good summery birthday and this is a good summery dishcloth.  I (now) highly recommend that you try it out!

Just make sure it's the right variegated yarn.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Dishcloth: Learning to Love Crocheting the Variegated Dishcloth”

  • Bailey

    I've made that one and it does work up great with the variegated yarn. I don't really have much trouble with the different brands. I've most frequently use Bernat and Lily for my dishcloths. No local Hobby Lobby so I mostly concentrate on Acrylic when I order it. I have received a few cotton skeins as gifts. It's a little softer than the other brands.

    • Jen

      I think my biggest problem last time was the color of the yarn--it was different shades of blue. It looks pretty in the skein, but I knitted a dishcloth with it as well and just wasn't as crazy about that pattern as I'd expected to be either. I think I'll try to stick with brighter colors in the future. And you're right--it is a bit softer, which is nice!

  • Sherry

    This is a very pretty dishcloth. I love the different crochet patterns they have for disclothes. However I have one problem. When I make crocheted dish clothes for others they won't use them claiming they're too pretty. On the other hand, if I knit them a wash cloth they don't have a problem wash with it. Has anyone else had this problem?

    • Jen

      Thanks! Neither of my sisters will use my dishcloths, but one sister has finally started using the dishcloths our grandmother knit for her with plain white yarn now that she has the ones I've made for her. They're only moderately fancier, and use colored yarn but people can be weird. That crochet versus knitted dishcloth business takes the cake! I laughed out loud when I read that.

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