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And That Concludes Baby Week!

I am concluding Baby Week!  The Ribbed Blankie from Precious Knit Blankies for Baby isn't finished yet, but it will be by the end of the weekend.  I've tried out some cute little projects to add to my gift stash, and I had a great time focusing solely on babyness this week.  We'll be back to our regularly scheduled blogging about dishcloths and cowls next week, and I'm looking forward to that.  And!  You should check on the blog over the weekend because there's going to be an extra post!  From somebody else!  I think that's exciting and I think you'll like it.

For now, please enjoy this post from last summer about why I get so worked up about crafting for babies.

"Do you read the Yarn Harlot's blog?  You should.  She's funny and talented and pretty much the Queen of Knitters.  I read her post about knitting superstitions and why we knit what we do and for whom and on and on, and man.  You can go ahead and read it now.  I'll wait. It's fine.


I am squarely in the 'knit for babies before they're Earth-side' camp.  I don't think it jinxes anything.  Everything related to having a baby--carrying one, adopting one, or even just knitting for one--is an act of faith.  That's some reckless optimism to think about bringing another person into your life and trusting that this was a good idea.  I think anyone who does that deserves all my enthusiasm and hand-crafting as early as possible.

So with all those baby feelings and stashed yarn in mind, I read the post on Friday morning and thought about it all day.  I have a lot of ongoing projects and other obligations and I have a lot of plans for my impending nephew and most of them haven't been made yet.

I downloaded Knit in a Day for Baby because I had seen pictures of the striped bib and I wanted to make one.

Or maybe several.  Whatever.  Look at how precious this is!  It's a cottony, garter-stitch dream!  Never mind that this baby won't even need a bib for, like, forever.  I wanted to make one.

So I did!

There are stripes!


And a red button!


I like these colors!  I like this pattern!  I like this book!

I meant to print only the pages for the bib pattern, but wound up printing off the whole thing.  That's about 94 pages of quick knitted goodness.  I had already intended to try out several of the other patterns, and now they're right at hand! I plan on trying out a lot of these patterns for my nephew or my daughter--or maybe even both of them!  I have a lot of daydreams about matching outfits.

This little baby is going to have a pile of handmade things waiting on him, and I've got to get on it!

I can't wait to welcome this little guy into the world!" 


This post was originally published on August 26, 2013.

2 thoughts on “And That Concludes Baby Week!”

  • Bailey

    I haven't had a chance to catch up on all your posts, but I've always done the gifts in advance. I respect the wishes of the parents in telling them about it, but it takes time to create a hand made gift. I've just started the process of finding a local charity to donate crocheted baby items to as I think it would be fun to make some and give them away.

    • Jen

      You're a smarter crafter than I am, that's for sure! Good luck in finding a charity you like! One of my grandmothers knits booties for two hospitals in her area--I'm not sure if she's part of a program or what, but it always makes me smile to think about all the babies in the area keeping warm with her knitting. Oh handmade baby gifts....

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