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Crocheting a Sweet Little Pixie Bonnet

I crocheted the Pixie Bonnet from Baby Hats and it's incredibly darling. 

You might remember me mentioning how much I like this little hat back when I posted about this little pattern booklet from Annatasia Cruz, and I was pretty excited to try out one of these quick and easy pattern.  Also, like I said, it's incredibly darling. 

And simple!  This is crocheted with worsted weight yarn and worked flat.  If you can manage half double crochets and double crochets, you'll be set.  You just work a few rows, fold this in half, and start crocheting your seam together.  The ties are added on in a way that's simple and tidy, and the whole simple design of this pattern makes me love it even more. 

I had already wanted to try this pattern because pointy baby hats are always delightful, and because there was something so classic about this little bonnet.  This is beautifully old-fashioned and very cozy.  I'm sure this will keep a little baby plenty warm when it gets a little cooler.  I went ahead and made the 6 month size because most of the babies I know are being born right now, and because some babies have ridiculously large heads.  I want someone to get some adorable usage out of this!

I went with red yarn because it's gender neutral.  It's a classic little baby color.  It's bright and easy to find in the piles that wind up appearing out of nowhere in the first year you're trying to keep a tiny human alive.  And really, I just wanted to make a little red bonnet.  I just wish I could have taken some pictures of this on an actual baby.  I know it's going to look wonderful surrounding some sweet little face.  And how could it not?!  A sweet baby wearing a snug little bonnet is a classic look for a reason.

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