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Crocheting the Quick and Easy Twist Cowl: Now in Color!

I love crocheting the Quick and Easy Twist pattern from Crochet Cowls.  Actually, I love crocheting every pattern I've tried from Crochet Cowls.  But the Quick and Easy Twist is really, incredibly, super fun and fantastic. 

I've been trying to clear out some of my stash this summer (after a few frenzied incidents led to me nearly doubling it), and when I laid out my partial skeins of Lion Brand Thick & Quick, I knew these blues would look beautiful together. I love them.

Cobalt, Navy, and Sky Blue.

This is an incredibly quick project. The body is two rows worked flat over and over until your work measures the recommended length and then you twist the crocheted fabric and seam your ends together!

Or, if you like, you can make it little shorter or even a lot longer. Regardless of its length, it probably won't take long to reach whatever length you choose because this is super bulky yarn crocheted with an N hook!  A simple pattern, big yarn, and a big hook?  This is some genuine fluffy crocheting.

And that's some genuine fluffy knitting I did in that blanket for my youngest sister's wedding present. She's a bright colors kind of person. I like that about her.

This sort of pattern is the perfect project for me to enjoy before or after tackling a pattern that is for something large, complicated, or just uses really lightweight yarn.  I love bulkier projects, and I love the look of this cowl.  I don't understand a lot about fashion, but this seems like a nice bold accessory to add to an outfit.  I gave my first version of this cowl to my sister last year, and she said it became her favorite accessory throughout the winter to dress up her 'casual new mom' outfits.

And I made this cowl for our younger sister because she likes blue (and looks great in it!). So now she has a very, very blue cowl.  She always wears my cowls and scarves during the chillier months, and now I hope this cowl turns into one of her favorites.  It's certainly one of my favorite cowls to make!

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