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Finishing a Precious Ribbed Blankie

 It's finished!  I finished up the Ribbed Blankie from Precious Knit Blankies for Baby in time to give it to a mother-to-be yesterday afternoon.  It was a hit!


I had cast on fewer stitches than the pattern called for (I really wish I remember how many) and bound off long before the pattern called for.  This blanket is 16" X 22", and is more of a little car seat blankie than a full-size blanket.


I used Caron One Pound and #8 needles, but I think I could have gone up a needle size or two because  that yarn seems a bit thick for worsted. This little blanket is solid and simple. 

I actually tried crocheting a border around this in bright pink to add some color and detail, but then I took it out.  It didn't look quite right, and this little blanket is fine on its own.

I love giving handmade gifts.  Even when I get a callous on my finger and a permanent cramp in my hand from so much knitting.  Even when I didn't have a chance to run this through a washer and dryer to even out this out a bit.  I know you can't really block acrylic, but a quick wash and run through a dryer can help straighten the stitches out and would help with the bumps that can appear along a bind-off edge. 


I'm sure this will look better once its washed in some of that baby detergent and wrapped around a little person. 

Handmade baby gifts always do.

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