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Knitting a Simple and Simply Lovely Cowl

I knitted the Cowl pattern from The Best of Knit Along with Debbie Macomber and it's simply lovely.  It's a little funny to me that this pattern is just named "Cowl," but it's the only cowl pattern in the whole collection.  So that simplifies things.  And, as it turns out, this is a pretty simple cowl.

The cowl looks simple, and is a simple pattern to knit.  This was my relaxing project to work on while I watched TV for the past couple of weeks.  The pattern calls for #6 knitting needles and approximately 250 yards of sport weight yarn and I used nearly two skeins of St-Denis Nordique in Eggplant that I'd been saving for something that felt right.  I was pretty taken with the model picture in the book, which made this project feel like a right use of my stash!  The yarn is 100% wool, so I'll definitely need to block this a bit before wearing it 'for real' or before I give it as a gift.  A nice soak will make this wonderfully soft and will help it lay more evenly.


There's just a little bit of knitting and purling at the beginning and ending with a whole lot of plain knitting in between.  I finished this up while traveling last weekend for the 4th of July.  I should mention, even though you can probably already tell by just looking, that this is an excellent piece of car knitting.  I was able to stare out the window and take in the scenery or talk to my husband while my hands were kept occupied.  You can stop anywhere in this pattern to go to the bathroom, change the music, hand snacks to the back seat--anything, really--and you can pick this right up when you're ready.


I like simple knitting patterns.  I enjoy seed stitch and cabling and sometimes even eyelets, but mostly I just love the look of a plain knit stitch.  All of those little Vs in orderly lines stacked on top of each other for rows and rows are so soothing to look at, and making them is practically hypnotic!  I love it.  This is a nice casual cowl that won't distract too much from your outfit (sometimes those are essential, though!) and seems like something that will stay firmly in its category as an accessory.   

And sometimes that's just what I want to knit.  This wasn't all-encompassing of my time or mental energy or skills, but it took just enough time and attention to make something beautiful.  This cowl probably won't be the most noteworthy part of anyone's outfit (unless it's being worn by someone who likes to point out when they're wearing handknits every time they wear handknits. Hi Mom!), but it's certainly a lovely addition.  Nothing over-the-top eye-catching.  Just a simple cowl that was a simple knit.  It's simply lovely.

2 thoughts on “Knitting a Simple and Simply Lovely Cowl”

  • Sherry

    This is a very nice did a good job. I have been tempted many times when I went in to Joann's to pick this book up but haven't yet. I too love how the plain knit stitch comes out so neat and even. I is very soothing.

    • Jen

      Thanks! It's a really great collection--lots of different projects designed for various skill levels. I think I'm going to knit up some children's socks in worsted weight yarn next! (That also has some nice, plain knitting. Glorious.)

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