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Little Bear

I knitted the Hat with Ears from Knit in a Day for Baby!  It's precious and adorable and it has ears!

This is worked up with #11 needles and two strands of worsted weight yarn held together.  I used #10 needles to achieve gauge and this was a delightfully quick knit.  So quick, in fact, that I knitted the body an inch past the required 4" before I had even realized how far along I was. 

That's okay!  This will fit fine with the brim folded up and it can grow enough to fit a baby all winter long.  This is knitted flat, but you could knit this in the round easily enough.


There's just some K1P1 ribbing and a plain knitted body with some very simple decreases. I used Fishermen's Wool in the Nature's Brown colorway, and this little hat seems very humble and earthy.  The wool is a little scratchy now, but it should be baby soft after a good soak. 

Now: the ears.  These precious little ears. 


You knit four of these little bitty pieces in garter stitch and stitch two pieces together to make some very stiff ears.  They won't flop over and they won't get too smooshed if a larger baby wallers around.  These ears will stay cheerfully upright and eternally adorable.  And they will make the baby wearer of this hat look like a bear.  A snuggly little brown bear.  I love it.

This is a quick knit, but the hat is heirloom worthy. You could leave off the ears and something about this simple hat would look timeless and beautiful.  Knitting with two strands held together makes the knitted fabric incredibly thick and changes the plain knitting into something more special than I'd expect.  I like simple-looking patterns--especially for babies--and this one feels extra sweet to me.  I'm not sure why I waited so long to knit this when I've had Knit in a Day for Baby for quite a while now, but I'm glad I made this.  I already know who I'm giving this to, and I hope the recipient loves it as much as I do.

It has ears, so I'm sure they will!

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