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Of Granny Squares and Garter Stitch

I crocheted Granny Square #1 from 99 Granny Squares to Crochet.  Like all granny square projects, this one left me happy and ready to make a few more of these super large squares.

I nearly always use an H hook for worsted weight yarn, but this pattern calls for quite a few clusters and treble crochet stitches and I didn't want things to get too bunched up.  I moved up to an I hook and I think that helped.  It also made a fairly large square even larger.  With eight rows, this square was about 9" across!  I could make eight more and have a baby blanket!

See, this is what happens with my crafting.  I try things because I want the finished object, or I like the idea of the project, or I'm interested in the technique--it's always something along those lines until I start to feel overwhelmed by either the crafting projects or actual real life and then it's time to turn to either granny squares or garter stitch.  Garter stitch knitting, in addition to being beautiful and sturdy with its humble and cheerful rows of uniformity and reassurance, relaxes me like almost nothing else.  

Granny squares, on the other hand, are my go-to project for when I need a diversion.  I just love them.  They're my favorite thing to crochet, and they have a million variations.  They help me use up scrap yarn and they are just so darn lovely.  I tried this pattern after no fewer than FIVE failed attempts at crocheting a bib.  Wouldn't that have been cute?!  A post about a knitted bib for Monday (that garter stitch project was just because I love garter stitch for babies) and then a post about a crocheted bib for Tuesday would have been so great.  But it was not to be.  I'm not sure why, but it really, really, really was not meant to be.  My hopes and dreams for back-to-back bib posts dashed, I turned to 99 Granny Squares to Crochet because that's what always gets me through.  And I have to say, it took me two or three tries to get this little square to come out right.

A little tricky, but so worth it.

But that's okay!  I haven't tried a square that looked like this one before, and I wanted to get some practice with it.  And I loved it!  It's beautiful!  It makes me think of stars and flowers and it's really interesting to work up.  I was completely engrossed, but I didn't have to concentrate so intensely that I was unable to think about how sweet some more of these earthy jewel tones (is that a thing?) would look together.  I have a baby shower to go to in a couple of weekends and I think these colors would be great for this little future baby.

I also have a baby shower this Friday that I haven't started knitting for, but hey.  That was just another reason to sit down and crochet a granny square because I did that and now I feel fine about the tight crafting schedule.  And I have a granny square. 

2 thoughts on “Of Granny Squares and Garter Stitch”

  • Sherry

    Granny squares are my all time favorite all. I have the same book and its been worn out so much that I need to purchase another copy. (Now I have learned to copy the the pattern to use so as not to damage the book itself. The colors you have chose work wonderfully together. I can't wait to see the finished product.

    • Jen

      Thank you! I was pretty excited about the colors in my stash working out, and I was really excited about the square itself. This book is a dadgummed treasure!

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