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16 Reasons to Appreciate Crochet This Fall

Crochet is the way to go when keeping warm! I made a 15 Knits blog post a few weeks ago, and I thought I should also do a post for crochet. 

Here are 16 different things you can crochet to keep warm. 

Leg Warmers:
Leg warmers are a unique way to dress-up an outfit, to wear on the way to or from a workout, or just around the house. They always seem to come back in style, and are especially cute on babies! 

Ravelry: Bonita Patterns
Celebrity Baby Fashion 
Ravelry: Mon Petit Violon

Although it might not be true that we loose 80% of our heat through our heads (WebMD), no one can deny the warmness of wearing a good hat. Crochet hats are perfect for the job. Check out Celebrity Slouchy Beanies for the Family!

Hopeful Honey
Ravelry: Jessica Lee

Boot Cuffs:
Rather than having to wear a bulky boot sock. Try boot cuffs that just sit at the top of the boot. This creates a cute layered look, or a pop of color. 

Ravlery: Kim Handzo 
Ravelry: Silvermoon Creations
Boot Cuffs and Ear Warmers

Head Wraps:
Another way to keep your head warm--aside from hats. Head wraps are some of the most popular crochet patterns. I see them everywhere! 

Ravelry: Shana Galbraith
Etsy: crochetgallery
Slouchy Beanies and Headwraps

"Scoodies" (Scarf Hoodies):
Scoodies are another name for scarves with hoods. A step-up from the regular scarf to something that will also keep your head warm. Something new to try this winter. Check out Hooded Scarves Book 2!

Ravelry: Melissa Grice
Ravelry: Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby
Ravelry: Heidi May

Bulky Cowls: 
My favorite way to stay warm in the winter. Big bulky scarves are in this winter so, crocheters stock up! 

Etsy: Ozetta
Crocheting a Cowl of Many Colors

Thanks for reading! Have fun crocheting the rest of the summer away.

Stay crafty!


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