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A Lovely Cottony Cowl


It's finished!  The cowl pattern from the Textured Set in Hats & Scarves is a textured, cottony dream come true. 

 Okay, the pattern doesn't call for cotton yarn.  But I felt like it and I'm happy with how that turned out.  Lion Brand Nature's Choice Organic yarn already has a very nubby feel to it, and the cowl pattern's mix of single and double crochet stitches made this extra super textured.  It's a lovely thing.

The yarn is Aran weight, which is only slightly bigger than the worsted weight the pattern calls for, but it feels quite a bit fluffier than your average medium weight wool or acrylic yarn.  I used an I hook, which is a bit bigger than what I would normally use.  I was able to work this up in no time!  I just went until I had used up my two skeins (about 200 yards), and that turned out to be just fine.

See?  It's tall enough to be a disguise!

I will say that the crocheted fabric is a bit dense.  Not stiff, mind you!  But a little dense, which makes sense because I used heavier yarn.  I don't know if I should hang on to it and wear it a while before giving it as a gift to loosen it up a bit or not.  Maybe keeping it for myself would be in everyone's best interest.  This drapes pretty well, though.  Hey, maybe I'll just keep this because I want it. 

This nice little cowl is going to sit in my gift stash for a while, though.  Last year's gift-giving season somehow caught me completely off guard, and I love the feeling of having a fantastic gift stash full of handmade things I can give to anyone at a moment's notice.  I'm a firm believer in making things especially for certain special people, but there's also certainly nothing wrong with making something first because you like the pattern and giving it someone later. 

Just like there's nothing wrong with making something for yourself.  Or so I'm going to be saying if (when?) I move this away from my gift stash and into my closet.

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