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African Flower Motifs, Practice Projects, and Gift-Giving

I'm working on a project from Learn to Crochet African Flower Motifs.  But I'm not going to talk about that just yet.  But I took a break from that particular African flower motif project to work on another one as a fun little break.  I crocheted the...well, I crocheted an African Flower Motif. 


A lot of the 'Learn to ....' books will have a little introductory section where you learn to crochet the motif featured through the book as a bit of a practice.  There are step-by-step instructions with pictures that let you get the hang of whatever techniques you'll be using in the book's patterns.  So this time I followed the instructions for making a little African flower motif because I'm really enjoying making them, and I needed to make a small one.  I made this one with sport weight yarn and a D hook so that I could have a cute little flower to glue to the front of a birthday card! 

I should have used an E hook just because fiddling with teeny tiny bits of wool with a teeny tiny bit of a hook irritates me, and also because I think using a small hook pulled the stitches up a bit.  Whoops. 


My sister liked it anyway.  She was also very excited about her slouchy beanie, too! 

As a bonus, it wasn't the only crocheted gift I got to give this past weekend!  I finally gave my parents the afghan I made a few months ago from Dishcloths


Obviously I modified it a little, but not a lot. 


Bulkier yarn, a bigger hook, and several more rows were really all I need.  And my parents have a nice blanket now!  My mom has already claimed it.  It's been a good weekend for gift-giving!  I love giving handmade gifts, especially to people who enjoy them. 


It was a great weekend for all of us!

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