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Knitting a Summery Stripey Blanket!

I'm still working on the Basket Weave pattern from Car Seat Blankets and I love it.  I haven't shown you a picture of this project since it looked like this:

That was a while ago, and I am very pleased with how it's turning out.  It's for a friend's nephew, and I'm hoping this blows his mind.  The friend, that is.  I'm not sure how much babies care about handknits one way or another.  But I do think that the bright colors will go over really well.  I love bright colors for little developing eyes, and I think these colors are perfect.

They're pretty summery looking, which I enjoy because I started working on this in July.  And this stripey blanket will brighten up a dreary winter day for sure.

This is worsted weight yarn and I'm using #8 needles.  I'm not sure if I'll work all of the pattern repeats or not.  I'm supposed to work the four-stripe pattern 5 times and I think that might make this little blanket too long.  It's going to be fine regardless, and I'm not especially concerned with it.  What I'm more preoccupied by is dealing with the aftermath of all these stripes.

Whoa Nelly.  I'm going to have a LOT of ends to weave in!  I knew this when I started the project, but it didn't seem like such a big deal back before I was making new pieces of fringe every six rows.  Now I'm looking at it and fretting a little bit more with every row I knit.  I may take a break from knitting to weave in some of these ends.  I'd like to keep adding rows and be finished with the knitting portion of this, but I think my future self will really appreciate it if I get a head start on some of this end-weaving now.  I guess I should rewatch this video:

I hope your WIPs are coming along nicely this week!

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