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Think of the Possibilities!

I went to a yarn store yesterday.   This is hardly news because I'm a crafter and we tend to love yarn stores.  But I signed up for a knitswap recently, and I think I'll crochet the Cables Beanie from Crochet Slouchy Beanies and Headwraps.  Heck yes, I'll crochet something for a knitswap.  Nothing can stop me!


My real concern has been yarn.  Specifically, yarn color.  My partner likes a lot of colors, provided they're not yellow, white, off-white, brown, or earth tones.  Guess what's in my stash?!  Not gray! Not jewel tones!  Not a lick of blue (that wasn't intended for something else)!  I'm not quite sure how this happened, but my stash is full of neutral tones, whites, yellows, and a bunch of yarns in colors that make one think of moss and rusty leaves.  Which sounds fantastic to me, but wouldn't work for this particular project.  So to the yarn store I went!


I actually didn't go to my local yarn store.  It's a lovely place and most of the people know me and it's not even ten miles from my house.  But this time I went to Yarniverse in Memphis, Tennessee.  I was visiting family, and I try to go there every few visits.  not every visit, though, because things happen there. Not exactly terrible things, but things nonetheless.  Foolish things.  Occasionally expensive things.  Ridiculous things.  I almost always find a way to work through my stash, but sometimes it takes a little too long.  But I get excited!


The yarn is organized by brand, weight, and color.  Ohhhhh color.  Do you ever just buy some yarn because the color is so dadgummed perfect that you know it's going to  make something perfect even if you don't know what that perfect project is yet?


Who am I kidding? If you've ever bought yarn, you've totally done that.   

Like that really bulky yarn on the bottom shelf. I don't know what to do with it, but I'd really like to try!
Yarn stores are magical. They have patterns and notions and tools and helpful people and most importantly, yarn.  You can do incredible things with yarn.  Really, you can do anything with yarn.

Which is obviously the point.  It's the first step to making your plans real.  You see a picture, or pick out the pattern.  You think about what you're making, who you're making it for, and what your time is like.  You consider your skills and your needles and stash.  You think and plan and think some more.  But things don't start to feel real until you have your yarn in your hands.  Suddenly a completely different pattern seems appropriate.  Or you might swap out one stitch for another.  Something for a friend might go to a relative.  Anything in the whole world is possible when you're looking through yarns.

It's one of my favorite things ever.  I wound up buying exactly one skein of Malabrigo Rios in Zarzamora.  It's a little more blue and a little less purple in real life and it's soft like a dream and I think it's going to work up beautifully.

I'm also maybe reconsidering the Cables Beanie.  Whatever.  I have my yarn and anything's possible. 

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