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Top 5 Crafty Instagram Accounts to Follow

Do you have an Instagram?

My favorite thing about running the Leisure Arts Instagram account is scrolling through and find amazingly talented knitters and crocheters.

Here are 5 of my favorite accounts to follow. Check them out!

This account features quilting designer, Jera, and her quilting buddy Paige (an adorable Corgi!). My favorite part of QuiltingInTheRain is the fabrics she uses. I’ve heard of fabric stashes that can be just as big as yarn stashes, now I understand why. Her quilts are simply delightful.

This account features stunning knit and crochet photos. But what makes MakesByMe_ unique is the adorable posts about her little ones! Sarah is a mother and a crafter. So many crafters can relate!

The thing I love most about JammyPudding’s Instagram page are the photos, they are gorgeous! I can’t scroll through this account without craving a cappuccino. Ali cooks, knits, crochets, and sews. This is a perfect account for any crafter to be following –also check out her adorable Etsy shop!

Kat Goldin is certainly a writer/designer you want to keep up with. She has been featured in several craft publications. And she is an extremely talented photographer. 

SITSGirlsis a blogger support group for crafty/DIY blogs. Their Instagram posts are mostly DIYs and a few are inspiration quotes.

Thanks for reading! 

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Stay crafty!

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