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Tutorial Tuesday: Get an Arm Knitting Tip

Hey there, hi there, ho there.  Would you like an arm knitting tip?  Because I watched this video and I think it's a great tip.  I really could have used this the first time I tried to arm knit a cowl pattern from Learn to Arm Knit.  I obviously couldn't take pictures of myself when both of my arms were covered in yarn, so I asked my husband to help me out.  But then I realized I needed to change some settings on my camera, and once that happened I realized I should have changed clothes (ugh, I still wish I had worn a different shirt for that post's pictures) and, of course, any time is a good time to run to the bathroom when your hands are occupied.....but there I was, trapped.


Things could have been different for me!  Look at this!


The video can also be found here, and the Leisure Arts YouTube channel is full of great tutorials.  Head on over there to get to know Martha a little bit better.  And go ahead and subscribe while you're at it!

Okay, back to knitting talk.  Stitch holders for 'regular' knitting are fairly commonplace.

Sometimes you need them to hold your stitches until you should pick them up again--like for sleeves on a sweater.  And sometimes, you just need your needles for another project and you feel like letting your knitting sit for a while.  Then, ta da!  You just slide those live stitches back on and get to work!  But arm knitting patterns call for bulky and super bulky weight yarn held double.  Or triple! Or even more.

That's a loooooot of big, fluffy yarn to try to cram onto a stitch holder. 

Especially if your largest ones are already occupied.

I thought this tip was a super clever DIY. It's incredibly improvisational and I don't even want to think about what a bulky weight stitch holder would cost, assuming you could find one.  This way seems pretty great to me.  It feels a little too hot right now to literally cover myself up in a yarny project, but I'm definitely going to remember this tip for if I need to take a break from my next project.

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