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Weekly Dishcloth: Crocheting a Very Dignified Dishcloth

I have a lot of weird reactions to dishcloth patterns, and I catch myself attributing lots of characteristics to the things I make.  Dishcloth #84 from Big Book of Dishcloths struck me as dignified and old fashioned.  

I'm not entirely sure why, but 'old fashioned' and 'dignified' kept going through my head while I was crocheting this.  It looks like the kind of quilt design you'd see painted on the side of barn.  Do you have those in your area?  I never seem to see them in Arkansas. When I drove through the Midwest to go to a wedding in Iowa a few years ago, I saw lots of barns with quilt-style patterns painted on several barns.  They were lovely!  I don't know why anyone would do that, but it seems like a nice tradition.

Maybe 'traditional' is what I'm thinking of with this design. Maybe it reminds me of the kind of afghan someone would make as a wedding gift.  Maybe it's a kind of tile you'd see in an older house.  Maybe I'm just easily impressed by dishcloth patterns.

Okay, no 'maybe' at all on that last one.  I love dishcloths.  They're tiny works of art.  With #84, I think my favorite element was the cluster stitches at different points in this square. 


Working them in the centers of the rows and then the corners was a little like crocheting the granny square pattern from Complete Guide to Symbol Crochet.

But while the granny square seemed striking and playful, this dishcloth feels a little staid with its single color.  The only way it could be more serious is if I had used off-white yarn.  Red almost feels frivolous.  As it is, I'm looking at the dishcloth and feeling bad that I have taken our winter coats to the dry cleaners.  I probably haven't memorized enough Bible versus.  It has been weeks since I gave anyone a jar of homemade jelly.

I also forgot to take a picture earlier in the day, so I had to run out and take pictures on my balcony in order to get enough natural light and now you AND the dishcloth know I don't plan far enough in advance.

I need to give this dishcloth as a gift very, very soon.  It will be a very earnest gift.  I don't know if I know anyone with a kitchen serious enough for this dignified country lady of a dishcloth.  But I'm sure I can find someone who enjoys a nice traditional-looking pattern with an interesting design.  Because this is a perfect example of that very thing. 

And probably an excellent cleaner to boot.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Dishcloth: Crocheting a Very Dignified Dishcloth”

  • Sherry

    I love dishclothes especially crocheted ones. However everyone that I have given them to says "They are to Pretty to use" so they end yp hiding in the drawer. You do a great job. I have a few dishcloth books but I would love to get the "Big Book Of Dishclothes that you mentioned.

    • Jen

      Thank you! My mom and mother-in-law love homemade dishcloths, but I don't know about any of my other giftees--I don't watch many people clean up their kitchens, ha! There are 99 patterns in Big Book of Dishcloths and I'm pretty sure I'm going to make at least 40 of them! It's a really great book.

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