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Weekly Dishcloth: Knitting a Bee-autiful Dishcloth

I knitted the Bee Skep dishcloth pattern from Garden Dishcloths and it's bee-autiful.

I had to Google what a bee skep was, though, because I've only seen beehives.  Bees can build their own hives, obviously, but it's tricky to knit some little flying insects swarming around a hollow spot in a tree.  And people build beehives and those just look like boxes, although some people build them with little roofs on top and that's cute.  But again, not especially picturesque for a picture made up of purl stitches. 

But a bee skep is a dome basket that houses a hive.  They're not very practical anymore (you have to pretty much destroy one and maybe kill your bees) to harvest your honey and having a standard hive where you can pull out frames lets growers keep their bees a lot safer because, well, a box is usually sturdier than a basket.  But bee skeps are awfully darn cute. 

And they look nice on a dishcloth.

This was a pretty quick knit, with worsted weight cotton yarn and #6 needles.  There are 56 rows to knit and none of them are very tricky.  I know something like this shouldn't be tricky, but sometimes I see things like "P 4, K 12, P 1, K 1, P 1, maybe P 1 again, are you sure you're where you're supposed to be" in the instructions and it all gets away from me.  I am willing to swear that I have totally seen instructions that say that, and I bet you have to.  But knits and purls in this pattern tend to stick to separate groups and the result is a nicely set out picture in knitting.

Let's take a moment to talk about how irritated I am that I haven't managed to work a "busy bee" joke into any of the last three paragraphs.  I'm incredibly irritated, you guys.  Mad as a hornet, even. 

I really enjoy the sweet nature-themed patterns in Garden Dishcloths.  I love flowers and being outside and the feeling you get from spending time with nature, whether it comes from working in your garden, taking care of your one potted plant, or just from remembering to bring in little bits of the outdoor world inside to enjoy. 

I don't think I'll be tending any hives any time in the near future, which is a bummer because bees are so important, but I do like this cheerful little dishcloth.  I'll probably give it to my mom because my parents used to raise bees.  She likes bees a lot, and she's always appreciative of dishcloths. 


I'm sure she'll be buzzing with excitement over it.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Dishcloth: Knitting a Bee-autiful Dishcloth”

  • Sherry

    I love this dishcloth, well done! I have this book of patterns also. I have been shying away from it until I have my purling mastered well. I will eventually tackle it. I am sure your mother will enjoy it.

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