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Weekly Dishcloth: Simple Seed Stitch

This week's dishcloth is about as plain as it gets: it's the Seed Stitch Facecloth from Better Homes and Gardens Knitted Gifts.

It's just what it sounds like.  It's a block of seed stitch.  "But Jen," you might be thinking, "isn't that kind of boring?"  Nope!  Not even a little!  I had thought this would be a perfect day trip project and tossed it in the car this past weekend.  But there was a bit of a hitch for my wonderful plan.  I needed #5 needles to get the right gauge, but I couldn't find my circular needles.  No big deal, though. I could just grab my straight #5 needles and all would be well.  Right?


Why are straight needles so long?!  And why hasn't this bothered me before?  What was happening?  What was intended to be a soothingly repetitive and simple pattern turned into some kind of tortuous exercise in yarn wrestling.  Wrangling the yarn while attempting to keep the ends of the needles from scraping down the side of my car door or whacking my husband in the arm made this project a lot more involved than I had anticipated!  Goodness freaking gracious.  My knitting and I were all over the place.

It's a good thing this was a simple pattern.  If I had needed to count stitches or bring in different yarns while giving my husband incorrect directions and passing books back to a three-year-old, I would have had a disastrous project on my hands.  But since this was such an easy stitch pattern, it came out looking fine.  Besides, I had a happy toddler in the back seat and some beautiful mountains to look at while I worked on this.  This might not have been the relaxing knit I had planned for myself, but I still reached my destination with a smile on my face and a finished project in my hand.

I felt a little less calm that night when I found my #5 circular needles behind a pattern book.  Those little needles with that flexible cable could have made all the difference in the world!  Live and learn and do a better job of packing my travel knitting in the future, I guess.  Oh well.  I just now realized that I typed that seed stitch is an 'easy' pattern in that last paragraph.  I usually don't say that a pattern or technique is easy because that's such a relative thing. There are people who love working on double pointed needles and I get nervous every single time I use them.  There are patterns I can work in my sleep that give people fits.  Skill levels and personal preferences (and needle choice!) make every pattern different for every knitter.  But I feel okay saying that if you can knit and purl at all, then you will probably find seed stitch easy. 

Whether or not it's boring is totally up to you, though.

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